Reshef, Resheph. CN lesser power of lightning, epidemics (He/Him)

Pantheon: Egyptian, Phoenician, Canaanite, Semitic

Symbol: A rat

Realm: Ysgard / Ysgard / Ta-setut

Known Proxies: None

Reshep is the power of epidemics, and is placated rather than worshipped by everyone except the truly barmy. He appears as a warrior armed with spear and shield, surrounded by a plague of disease-carrying creatures; perhaps rats, flies or mosquitos. However, his diseases are not seen as something inherently evil, but as a just punishment against treacherous enemies.

Reshep’s realm, Ta-setut, lies on an isolated earthberg of Ysgard. His petitioners take the forms of plague-carrying animals, like rats, insects and similar vermin. As the realm of a chaotic and somewhat unsavoury power, Ta-setut does not receive many visitors. It is rumoured, however, that Astjeret and Reshep are lovers, and that the goddess sometimes leaves fair Abellio to meet Reshep. Rumour has it that these visits cause crops to fail back in her own realm.

Reshep has been romantically linked with Astjeret, some consider them to be married.

The Priesthood

Reshep’s followers are fighters trained to carry out commando actions behind enemy lines, poisoning their wells or their supplies. Of course, this is not very honourable, but it is believed that is better to exterminate the enemy’s army quickly than to wage a long drawn-out war.

Specialty priests of Reshep are proficient with the pole-axe (treat as bardiche). They are usually well versed in the art of herbalism, poisoning and spreading diseases. High-level priests become immune to the effects of poisons and epidemics.

Source: MC Gianni and Jon Winter-Holt

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