Shimmering River
Shimmering River

Shimmering River

The Shimmering River

The Shimmering River in Lunia

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

The Shimmering River is a ribbon of liquid starlight that winds its way through Mount Celestia, gleaming with a silvery radiance. It connects the celestial layers of Lunia and Solania, plus the two in between. It’s a river that mirrors the radiant energies of its patron, Bahamut, its waters glinting like scales of the great dragon deity.

It’s said that the waters have been blessed by the Draco-Paladin himself. Some even reckon that the river’s glimmering is a result of fragments of Bahamut’s own scales that have found their resting place within the river’s flow. Imagine that, berk – the very essence of a power woven into the currents of the Shimmering River.

Along the shores of this celestial waterway, you’ll find small villages, steadfast in their faith to Bahamut. These settlements are typically inhabited by draconic or reptilian peoples; creatures who hold the teachings of the King of Dragons close to their hearts. They see the river as a divine symbol, a tangible reminder of their god’s presence and protection.

The Shimmering River’s journey is no ordinary voyage. It runs alongside the path of the Palace of Bahamut in all its incarnations, tracing a route from the headwaters in Solania through Venya and Mercuria, and down to Lunia, before finally spilling its radiant waters into the Bay of Light.

All kinds of aquatic critters call the fresh waters home. Luminarials are silver dragonflies with translucent wings that catch the moonlight and shimmer with iridescent hues. They flit above the water’s surface, their presence a soothing glow to those who seek tranquility. Giant celestial turtles have markings on their shells that match the constellations. They can serve as both protectors of the river’s beauty and wise guides to those who seek its secrets. Lantern archons are also drawn to the Shimmering River, for reasons unknown. These small celestial beings radiate a soft, warm light, and dance gracefully above the waters on the long moonlit nights.

Luminarian Dragonfly

The Shimmering River is also home to navigators and fisherfolk, although not all of them are quite what you’d expect. Take for instance the tale of Seraphel the Boatman, a trumpet archon whose path took an unexpected twist upon the shimmering waters…

Once Seraphel was a herald of divine proclamations, his trumpet blasts echoing across the celestial realms delivering the word of the powers. His music carried the weight of authority, and yet amidst the grandeur of his calling, Seraphel found himself yearning for something simpler, a more tangible connection to the essence of the plane.

One radiant night as he stood on the shores of the Shimmering River, golden trumpet in hand, he felt the pull of the river’s current and the gentle lapping of its waters. It was in that moment that Seraphel heard a whisper, a urging that spoke of a different kind of service, a humbler calling that resonated with his very soul.

Seraphel the River Boatman

And so Seraphel laid down his herald’s trumpet and embraced a life of simplicity. He became the Ferryman of the Shimmering River, guiding souls along and across its waters in a small, humble boat. His trumpet melodies now serve as songs of comfort and solace, a gentle lullaby for those who embark on long journeys.

No longer announcing grand proclamations, Seraphel instead found fulfilment in the quiet moments – the soft ripples of the river, the stories of those he ferried, the glimmers of wonder in their eyes as they beheld the beauty around them. He traded the grand stage for the intimate connections, knowing that even in the quiet exchanges, he was serving a higher purpose. His presence, once commanding, became instead a source of comfort, a reminder that even the most majestic beings can find meaning in the simplicity of service. And so, the tale of Seraphel the Boatman is a lesson in the beauty of choices, and the undeniable magic that can be found in the simplest of acts.

Canonical source: Mount Celestia Poster Map

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,


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