Crown of Light
Crown of Light

Crown of Light

Crown of Light

Crown of Light

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

Wear your heart on your sleeve, and don’t keep your opinions to yourself. If you’re pure of spirit, then there’s nothing to fear in the multiverse. If you’re not pure, you’re not welcome here; find somewhere corrupt to dwell where you can’t harm those who choose to do good.

Description: The Crown of Light is a burg nestled within the radiant embrace of Lunia, where the purity of a cutter’s intentions is laid bare for all to see. It’s a place where the light of one’s soul might shine as brilliantly as the stars in Lunia’s night skies… or alternatively betray your sinister intentions like a cross-trading arcanoloth.

For reasons unknown, in this celestial city, every inhabitant is surrounded by an aura of light that hovers around their heads, a visible manifestation of their compliance with laws and purity of their ethics. The aura’s brightness isn’t just a reflection of their actions, but also a testament to their inner devotion and adherence to the noble principles. Evil or chaotic folk spout auras of black flame, and ain’t a bit welcome here, unless they’ve been sent for redemption. See, when a good cutter does something terrible under the influence of magic, he has to atone. Frequently, atoning individuals are sent here as part of their penance, where the priests and philosophers can keep an eye on just how repentant the berk really is.

As you walk through the streets of the Crown of Light, you’ll find a spectrum of radiant auras, each one telling a story. Some auras glow with a soft, gentle light, indicating those who are still learning, while others blaze like beacons, revealing the souls of the truly devout and virtuous.

In the heart of the city stands a grand cathedral, its spires reaching towards the heavens like outstretched hands. The cathedral’s stained glass windows capture the spectrum of auras that grace the city, casting colourful patterns of light upon the marble floors. Within its walls, the celestial choirs sing hymns that resonate with the souls of the faithful.

The leaders of the Crown of Light are figures of luminous authority, their auras shining with a brilliance that mirrors their wisdom and commitment to justice. They guide the city with a gentle hand, ensuring that the light of law and goodness never fades.

Behind the Throne: The inhabitants of the burg are compassionate and just, bound by a shared commitment to uphold the ideals of law and goodness. At least, that’s what they want you to think, cutter. For beneath the gleaming surface of the Crown of Light, a city of celestial virtue, lies a shadowy underbelly that whispers of secrets and hidden agendas. This sinister side, known only to a few, casts doubt upon the seemingly pristine façade and raises questions about the true nature of law and goodness.

In the alleys and dimly lit corners of the city, one might encounter individuals who manipulate their auras, creating a facade of righteousness that belies their true intentions. Some are driven by ambition, using their visible holiness to climb the ranks of power, while others exploit the trust of the inhabitants for personal gain.

When you consider this side of Crown of Light, the grand cathedral, once a beacon of divine light, becomes a place of whispered plots and clandestine meetings. Behind closed doors, alliances are forged and broken, all in the name of maintaining control over the aura-enhancing magic that the burg is known for.

The city’s leaders, those whose auras shine brightest, hold sway over the populace. However, even they are not immune to the allure of darkness. The temptations of power and the desire to maintain their outward pristine image can lead them down treacherous paths, where moral boundaries blur.

As Lunia’s twin moons rise and cast their long shadows over the city, the darkness lurking beneath the surface grows more palpable. Some inhabitants who once held pure intentions are tempted by the city’s dual nature, their auras dimming as doubts creep in.

So, when you walk the streets of the Crown of Light, remember that even in the most radiant of places, shadows can hide. The sinister side of the town reminds us that true virtue may not always be visible, and the line between genuine lawfulness and manipulation of those rules can be perilously thin.

Recent News: Amidst the city’s festivities and celebrations, rumours abound of a hidden cult that seeks to exploit the aura magic for sinister purposes. They harness the energy of the auras to fuel their self-serving rituals, their intentions veiled behind a cloak of secrecy. Whether this is real, or just paranoia, is anyone’s guess.

Source:, by Chris Nichols and Jon Winter-Holt

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