Draco-Paladin, Lord of the North Wind, Platinum Dragon, King of the Good Dragons.

LG lesser power of wisdom, enlightened justice, skies, wind, metallic dragons [He/Him]

Pantheon: Draconic

Realm: Mount Celestia / Lunia, Mercuria, Venya, Solania / Bahamut’s Palace

So Bahamut ain’t just any dragon, cutter; this is the dragon that other dragons look up to with a mix of respect and a touch of envy. He’s bigger than most mountains and shinier than a freshly minted mert. This blood ain’t just a dragon power, he’s a force for good, and a beacon of justice that shines like a guiding star in the multiverse whether a basher’s got claws and a breath weapon or not. You want wisdom? Bahamut’s got it in spades. You want mercy? He’s got that too; a treasure hoard of compassion hidden under those shiny scales.

And let’s talk about those metallic dragons—silvers, golds, and bronzes, they all take a page from Bahamut’s prayerbook. The best of them act like they’re striving to match his example, hoping to earn a nod of approval from the big basher himself. You see, Bahamut’s not just a name, he’s a standard. A standard of honour, a standard of goodness, and a standard of dragonhood that even the chromatics begrudgingly respect.

Bahamut is a grand arbitrator of cosmic balance, mixing the perfect cocktail of mercy and punishment. You deliberately wronged a goblin? Well, expect Bahamut to give you a stern look and a finger-waggle of disappointment. But cross that line again and you might be facing the fiery breath of justice.

So, if you find yourself in the presence of a shimmering metallic dragon, just remember, you’re not just dealin’ with a dragon, you’re dealing with a reflection of Bahamut’s influence. And trust me, you wouldn’t want to disappoint a dragon with a cosmic connection to justice.

Most Useful Canonical References:

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  • On Hallowed Ground (2e) p134 (power and realm)

Other References:

  • Book of Exalted Deeds (3e) p80-81 (vassal of Bahamut prestige class)
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Bahamut, the Draco-Paladin

Sources: Jon Winter-Holt,, Aulddragon’s blog link (AD&D 2e stats and information on Bahamut’s priesthood)

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