Aasimon, Twilight
Aasimon, Twilight

Aasimon, Twilight

Twilight Aasimon

ORGANISATION:Solitary or small band
ACTIVITY CYCLE:Any (primarily nocturnal)
INTELLIGENCE:Exceptional (15-16)
NO. APPEARING:1-4 (Upper Planes) or 1
ARMOUR CLASS:0 (-1 in shadows)
MOVEMENT:12 , Fly 30 (C); or 15, Fly 36 (B) when in shadows
NO. OF ATTACKS:By weapon type
DAMAGE/ATTACK:By weapon type
SPECIAL DEFENCES:Spell immunity, never surprised, +2 or better weapons to hit
MAGIC RESISTANCE:50% (60% in shadows)
SIZE:M (6′ tall)
MORALE:Fearless (19-20)
XP VALUE:8,000
AD&D 2e statistics

Twilight aasimon have only recently been reported. Either they have been kept well hidden until now, or they were only recently created. The most prominent theory as to why they exist is that various good powers who have areas of control that deal in some way with the night wanted servants who could function effectively in it, and prove to others that darkness is not inherently evil. The result was the twilight aasimon.

Twilight aasimon are humanoid, standing about six feet tall. While they have no noticeable elven traits, like slanted eyes, or pointed ears, they also do not really look human. They are coloured the shades of the night. Their hair is a deep midnight blue, occasionally with just a touch of dawn or sunset red at the tips. Their skin is a deep gray, and their large wings are the silver of moon touched clouds. It is their eyes that proclaim their nature most noticeably, however. Twilight aasimon have no pupil, iris, or white in their eye. Instead, their eyes are dead black, scattered with glowing white point of light. In short, when one looks into their eyes, it looks like the night sky.

COMBAT: Twilight aasimon prefer to avoid combat as much as possible, relying on their extensive powers of stealth to get around possible opponents. However, when they do fight, they are as capable as any other aasimon.

Twilight aasimon usually carry a staff of stars, a magical +3 weapon, that does 2d4 damage. In addition to the attack and damage bonus, the staff can cast a starburst once a turn. This releases a burst of white sparks in a cone 30′ long, and 10′ wide at the end. Anyone caught in this cone must save vs. spells or be blinded. In addition, evil creatures native to the Lower planes take 1d6 damage, and undead take 2d6 damage. Twilights can attack twice per round with any weapon.

In addition to the spell-like powers usable by all aasimon, twilight aasimon can use the spell-like ability ofdarkness, 15′ radius (5 times a day, twilight aasimon can still see). Also, the aasimon has night vision out to 120 feet. This allows the aasimon to see as though it was bright daylight, without penalty. Note that this is not infravision, and does not require heat sources to operate, and the aasimon is not blinded by sudden bright light.

The twilight aasimon can also hide in shadows, with an 80% chance of success. The twilight aasimon, in addition to the immunities shared by all aasimon, is immune to any attack based on blindness, and takes only half damage from spells based on shadow (this includes demishadow monster and shadow monster spells). The aasimon is generally a better fighter in shadow or in the night, seeming to draw strength from the darkness, starlight, and moonlight.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Twilight aasimon are usually solitary. They are the covert agents of the Upper planes, using what many consider the tools of evil to fight it. They are also found in the realms of good powers of the night, where they feel more comfortable than other aasimon. They have a relatively solitary society, although on the Upper planes they will sometimes band together in small groups to carry out missions to difficult for one alone.

Sometimes, a twilight will come upon a mortal in its travels that it likes. Often, such a mortal is one who uses concealment and stealth to work good. If this happens, the twilight aasimon will follow the mortal, aiding him or her secretly. If the mortal discovers the twilight aasimon, the aasimon may leave, or stay with the mortal, depending on the mortal’s reaction and the aasimon’s personality.

ECOLOGY: No one knows how twilight aasimon are created. Some theorise that particularly pious petitioners of night powers are sometimes turned into twilight aasimon. Others claim that when thieves who worship no particular god die when on a mission for good, they become twilight aasimon. Some sages even claim they form spontaneously in Upper planes that are often dark. No one knows for sure.

Source: Kelly Pedersen

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