The burg of Redemption is a place where everyone can be forgiven.

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

Redemption is a spot on the map where the line ‘twixt good and evil ain’t so clear-cut. It’s a place where folks reckon fiends can’t all be born bad; maybe they just ain’t had a chance to glimpse the gleam of goodness. You might say that the citizens are wide-eyed idealists and dream-chasers who reckon even the darkest of souls might find redemption if they’re nudged just right.

Smack in the middle of the burg, you got the Temple of Second Chances—its spires have got that kind of look that promises salvation. The faithful and the naïve alike gather there, talking to Lower Planar beings through magic means. Believe it or not, they’re sending out invitations and portal keys to the denizens of Baator and the Abyss, hoping to lure curious fiends over and show ’em the bright side of goodness, then maybe convert them.

At the helm of Redemption, you got Sepmoi Werra, a Guardian halfling with resolute fire in their belly. But, let’s just say, despite all the well-meaning intentions, Sepmoi’s actions have caused a snag in Lower Planar relations. Just ponder a moment about gates to Lunia, celestial holy waters, and a searing outcome that’s burned a mark in the memories (not to mention the bodies) of those few daring fiends who made the journey to see what Redemption’s deal was.

Now, the streets of Redemption certainly ain’t dull – they’re decked out with banners and signs, blazing messages of hope and unity. The folk here, they’re spilling kindness and goodwill all over, hoping it’ll ignite something deep in the fiends they’re looking to change. And it can work, sometimes. The necromancer Mahlhevik is said to have visited Redemption and then before you know it, raised himself the eponymous Castle Mahlhevik nearby in the Silver Sea.

But listen close, berk, ’cause I’ve got darks for you about the underbelly of Redemption, because some of the fiends ain’t exactly buying into all that goody-two-shoes nonsense. These cross-traders are working the shadows, trying to put a stick in the spokes of the local do-gooders, one devious scheme at a time.

This resistance network, the Veiled Shadow, they’re the flip side of the celestial coin. These fiends, they’re done taking orders from the archons; they’re fighting back too. They’re dealing in secrets, dark magic, and wily temptations, hoping to give the goody-goody archons a taste of their own medicine and convert a few of their number in return. Whispers and murmurs are their tools, spreading doubt like wildfire among the bright-eyed dreamers in the city. The resistance is stirring up shadows where the Light can’t reach, taking advantage of the folks who’ve had their fill of all that holier-than-thou claptrap.

The leaders of this resistance are no slouches. They’ve learned to dance between the holy raindrops and dodge the gaze of the archons. Dark sorcerers, masterminds of sabotage, and fiends who’ve learned to smile while they slide a blade ‘twixt the ribs—they’re all playing their role.

So, remember this—while the Upper Planes might be all sunshine and unicorns on the surface, there are always dark corners where fiends are scratching and clawing to tarnish that celestial perfection.

Source: Emannuel Reichert and Jon Winter-Holt

The burg of Redemption


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