Dolorous Sojourn
Dolorous Sojourn

Dolorous Sojourn

Dolorous Sojourn

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

Character: Endurance of sorrows is a virtue. Do not complain, but do not fear to show emotion either. Bad things happen to good people – but the good show strength by not turning bad under the pressure. A trouble shared is a trouble halved.

Ruler: A throne archon called Sembuel is the current ruler of Dolorous Sojourn. However, once she has recovered from the trauma that first sent her to the city, she will return to duties in Mertion. Nobody knows why she’s here, but rumour has it that she was tortured by yugoloths at Khin-Oin. Years ago, Sembuel was renowned for her fearlessness and strong stomach, so anything which could have upset her must have been grievous indeed.

Behind the Throne: The patron of Dolorous Sojourn, who appoints its rulers, is unnamed, but is thought to be the solar Donathiel, ruler of Rempha, City of the Sands of Time, in Mertion. Certainly the militia of Rempha seem to get a lot of new recruits from rehabilitated citizens of Dolorous Sojourn.

Description: Sitting in silvergreen pastures by the banks of the River Eunoë in Lunia, the First Heaven, Dolorous Sojourn has two main populations: Petitioners and archons. The petitioners are all folks who had great trauma in life, and endured it with stoicism and courage. They are a subdued lot, but friendly and helpful. They seldom laugh but often smile, and are as pacifistic a bunch as you might hope to meet in a year of turns. Notable among them is Mayor Tolfussle (halfling petitioner [he/him]/fighter/LG) who can remember enough of his past to know he was amongst the only survivors of a raid by undead on his small farming community. His courage and emotional purity earned him a place here.

The archons of the City of Weeping, however, are a different kettle of fish. They come here after traumatic experiences in the Lower Planes, to recover their normal total sanity and control, and to purge away the terrors they have seen. The River Eunoë does not provide the full benefits either to archons, or to those who have seen such horrors as they. Rumour has it there’s a tome archon amongst the celestial population, although if there is, it must be disguised, for Sembuel appears to be the most senior archon present. Also in attendance are some devas who have been sent here by compassionate powers to renew their health. It’s not considered good etiquette here to speak to an archon without first getting a petitioner to draw his attention to you, as they tend to be slightly paranoid and dejected. Large retreat houses line the outer edges of the town, which are used by the celestials, and also by members of the Planes-Militant who need a break. The largest, the Monastery of St. Clostuana, Matron and Martyr, is run by Abbot Ezias (planar aasimar [he/him]/priest/Brethren of St. Clostuana (minor sect)/LG). This elderly, tonsured aasimar is welcoming and courteous, but visitors had best be prepared for bread and gruel to eat, as finer things are considered a distraction from prayer and meditation. The city is walled, and surrounded by farmland. The population is some 150 000, and the walls are over fifteen miles long.

Militia: The people of the City of Weeping are unarmed, but a company of seven hundred and seventy-seven sword archons defends the city at all times against the hand of war. Known as the Comforters Jubilant, they sing uplifting hymns and psalms as they patrol, mainly outside the walls, which can be heard for over a mile within the city. Whenever a proxy is present, its master’s servants will accompany the Comforters. At the moment, Lugumbus the Tender (astral deva proxy of Ilmater [he/him]/LG) is recovering from a rescue mission to Carceri, and twenty-four agathinon have joined the patrols. Also keeping watch over the city is a detachment of Sisters of the Planes-Militant, who are attached to one of the nunneries within the walls.

Services: Anyone needing a counsellor to help them over troubled times could do much, much worse than to find Sister Almera of the Broad Mind (planar half-elf [she/her]/priest/LG) who offers advice and support for anyone who asks. She can be found at the Chapel of the Sisters of the Broad Mind, a small meditative cell with a library of scientific and theological works associated with it. Those wishing to remember lost pasts come here to drink of Eunoë, and there is a temple, called the Memorium, where visitors can sample the Water of Remembrance in comparative comfort, tended to by hound archons who are on hand to deal with the confusion associated with recovering memories.

Recent News: The Order of the Planes-Militant are thought to be considering founding a monastery of warrior-monks here, which has upset the peaceful petitioners deeply. Prefect Increase has said that no firm plans are in place yet, but people are not happy. As well as this, some rather monkish Heralds of Dust have been seen in town. They spoke to no-one, presumably due to their prejudices against petitioners, but one can only wonder what interest they might have here.

Source: Planescape fansite A Tiefling’s Exultation by Alex Roberts (link to a web archive)

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