Fields of Serenity
Fields of Serenity

Fields of Serenity

The Fields of Serenity

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

The Fields of Serenity are a haven where all souls of petitioners newly arrived in on Lunia will eventually and inevitably find themselves. This is the uppermost part of the Threshold of Lunia, for the Fields of Serenity lie just outside the Prime Vallation Wall which separate the readily accessible parts of Lunia from the higher slopes. Petitioners seeking entry into Heaven must wait here outside the walls of the Prime Vallation. Remaining patiently in line demonstrates the petitioners’ lawfulness to Heaven’s judges.

Imagine a place of gentle meadows stretching as far as the eye can see, where every blade of grass is a vibrant shade of calm, and the flowers make gentle chiming sounds that resonate in harmony.

These fields are a place of anticipation, a space for souls to catch their breath in the last part of the Threshold of Lunia, before they step through the pearly gates of the Prime Vallation into Mount Celestia proper. The air is filled with a sense of excitement, as these souls wait patiently for their turn, knowing that the gates hold the promise of celestial splendour beyond.

Each petitioner soul carries the experiences of their mortal life, but here in the Fields of Serenity, those cares and worries start to fade away. There are gatherings and conversations among the souls, like a chattering choir of voices sharing stories of their earthly adventures. It’s a time of reflection and connection, where the past is cherished and the future is full of promise. Those who’ve been in these fields longer offer a sense of reassurance to those who’ve just arrived, like guiding lights showing the way. Because cutter, believe me, the wait can be considerable!

The petitioners know that soon, their name will be called and their time will come. When the gates swing open for them, they’ll step into the embrace of Mount Celestia itself, where their spirits will be lifted to new heights and their souls will find eternal joy. At least, that’s the hope.

Canonical Source: Heaven Unleashed (Pathfinder 1e) p6

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