Bay of Light
Bay of Light

Bay of Light

The Bay of Light

The Harbour of the Bay of Light

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

Located just a short wagon trip from Nemmiron and its gate to Arcadia, the Bay of Light is one of the more well-trafficked ports on Lunia for cross-planar trade. Not only is the Bay of Light well-connected to other planes, but it also sits at the mouth of the Shimmering River, one of the main waterways of Lunia. A cutter can sail up the glittering waters and access not just Bahamut’s Palace, but also the layers of Mercuria, Venya and Solania.

Who Rules: The Bay of Light is ruled by the Shining Council, a gathering of lantern archons overseen by Mayor Lysandra Starshine (planar aasimar paladin, [she/her] / LG). Picture a woman as regal as a celestial, with eyes that seem to hold the wisdom of a thousand years. She’s a heart as bright as the burg’s name suggests, and she’s known across Lunia for her fairness and kindness. She’s got a knack for solving disputes, mediating conflicts, and keeping the peace without smiting a soul. They say she’s got a uncanny knack in dealing with the lantern archons of the burg, and it ain’t hard to believe. Lanterns can be sticklers for rules – after all they’re mostly trying to either purify, enlighten or otherwise perfect themselves – and they can be intolerant of outsiders who rock the barge. But between Lysandra’s pragmatic attitude and the grace of the Shining Council, the Bay of Light is a welcoming place for both native Celestians as well as outsiders.

Who Really Rules: Ah, now you’re diggin’ for the real chant, aren’t ya? Well, behind the scenes, beyond the glittering façade, chat goes there’s a shadowy figure pulling the strings in the Bay of Light. A cutter named Rook Blackwing (planar human rogue, [he/him] / LN) makes his kip in the Bay of Light. He’s a master of shadows, a spymaster who makes it his business to know every secret, about every deal, and the location of every dagger hidden in the dark. He might have a smile like a putto, but he’s got more schemes than an aasimon has feathers. Some say that Rook’s been dealing with powers that would make archon eyebrows raise. He’s got informants in the lowest planes and allies in the highest. And if a blood needs a way past the Prime Vallation and into Celestia proper, you can bet your last jinx that Rook will be able to help. He’s got a silver tongue and a knack for gathering information. He knows things, and he’s got a way of using those secrets to nudge Mayor Lysandra Starshine in the direction he wants. He might drop a hint here, a whispered rumour there. He plays on her sense of duty, her desire to protect the Bay of Light and its folk. And then there’s the matter of favours. Rook’s a collector of debts, and he’s got a way of offering solutions to problems that might arise. A quiet word here, a well-timed intervention there – suddenly, Lysandra finds herself beholden to the rogue in ways she might not even realize.

The useful thing about light
is that it always creates a shadow

– Rook Blackwing

Canonical Reference: Planes of Law – Mount Celestia poster map. Expanded by Jon Winter-Holt.

The Harbour of the Bay of Light

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