Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

Realm of Nikkal and Yarikh of the Ugaritic pantheon.

The ancient celestial realm known as Moonshine is nestled on Lunia’s higher slopes. In this ethereal realm, the divine union of the Ugaritic powers Nikkal and Yarikh reigns supreme, weaving a tapestry of celestial romance and lunar wonder.

In the orchards of otherworldly splendour, the boughs bend low with fruits that shimmer like moonlit pearls. Fertile fields stretch as far as the eye can see, kissed by the soft glow of a pair of benevolent moons that never wanes. It’s a realm where the cycles of nature are celebrated with the dance of the crescents, a symbol of fertility and abundance.

As the petitioners of Moonshine go about their business, their contented laughter and merriment echo through the air. Enchanted groves, bathed in silvery luminescence, house gatherings where feasts of the most succulent fruits are laid out under a moonlit canopy. And in the heart of it all, the harmonious rule of Nikkal and Yarikh, their love reflected in the dance of the celestial bodies that grace the night sky. Moonshine is a realm where the cycles of nature are held in the highest regard, and the twin moons paint the sky with their divine choreography.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,, inspired by A Tiefling’s Exultation overview of Ugaritic powers.

The Realm of Nikkal and Yarikh of the Ugaritic pantheon.


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