Realm town of the House of Knowledge

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og / House of Knowledge

The village of Surcease, nestled in a serene valley within Tir na Og, presents a stark yet harmonious contrast to the vibrant energy of the nearby village of Song’s Joy. Here, in Surcease, the surreal and mystical elements of the realm take on a more contemplative, tranquil form, creating a sanctuary of calm and reflection.

As one descends into the valley towards Surcease, the music and laughter of Song’s Joy give way to a gentle hush, a soothing quietude that blankets the village like a soft, comforting fog. The architecture here is ethereal and almost translucent, with buildings crafted from materials that seem to be half in this world and half in another. They shimmer with a soft luminescence, casting a gentle glow across the cobblestone streets and verdant gardens.

The most striking feature of Surcease is its pervasive sense of calm. The air is still, filled with a peace that slows the heartbeat and eases the mind. The village is designed to encourage introspection and tranquility, with winding paths leading to hidden alcoves, small, serene ponds, and quiet nooks where one can sit and lose themselves in thought.

The residents of Surcease are a mixture of scholars and petitioners of Oghma seeking respite from their intellectual pursuits, artists looking for a quiet space to reflect and create, and fey beings who value the quiet as much as the chaos. They move through the village with a quiet grace, speaking in hushed tones, if at all, their presence more like whispers of thought than actual physical entities.

In the heart of the village lies a unique feature: the Pool of Reflection. This pool is not filled with water but with a liquid that seems to be made of liquid light. Those who gaze into it find their thoughts quieted and their worries eased, as if the pool absorbs all that is tumultuous and troubling, leaving only serenity.

The gardens of Surcease are a marvel, filled with otherworldly plants that seem to absorb any sound, enhancing the quiet of the village. The flora here is of a variety unknown to most worlds, with leaves that softly glow in the moonlight and flowers that bloom in silence, releasing fragrances that promote peace and clarity of thought.

Time in Surcease seems to flow differently, more slowly, lending an air of timelessness to the village. The rhythm of life here is governed not by the sun or the moon but by the internal clock of contemplation and repose.

Surcease serves as a necessary counterbalance to the vibrancy and activity of Song’s Joy. It is a place where one can escape the noise of the world, retreat into the quiet of the mind, and rejuvenate in the stillness of the soul. In this village, the surreal beauty of Tir na Og is manifested not in sound and colour but in silence and light, creating a haven for those who seek a moment of peace in the bustling multiverse.

Canonical Source:On Hallowed Ground [2e] p72 (map)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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