Onsen of Extremism Absolution
Onsen of Extremism Absolution

Onsen of Extremism Absolution

The Onsen of Extremism Absolution

Location: Outlands / Spirelands

The Onsen of Extremism’s Absolution is a place as tranquil as it is transformative, nestled in a foothill valley of the Spire in the Outlands. It’s is more than just a bubbling spring; it serves as a beacon of balance in a multiverse often torn asunder by fervent beliefs. The onsen itself is a series of natural hot springs, with steam gently rising into the air, mingling with the astral mists of the Spire. Surrounded by a landscape of serene beauty, the onsen’s waters are crystal clear, reflecting the calm and peaceful ambiance of the place.

Description: Stone paths wind through verdant foliage, leading to various pools and spa facilities. Each bath provides a sense of seclusion and harmony. The air is filled with the soft murmurs of running water, the occasional chirp of distant birds, and the flutter of spire butterflies.

Now the name of the Onsen isn’t just flam. The waters have mysterious and potent properties indeed; more than just magical, they are a confluence of natural forces and ancient enchantments intertwined with the essence of the Spire itself. The Spire, as you know, is a place where magic and psionics are dampened, yet the waters here hold a unique property that defies this norm. When a being submerges themselves, they don’t just get physically cleansed but also metaphysically. The waters resonate with the core essence of a person, gently unraveling extreme beliefs and biases, washing them away like a stain on the character. This process is subtle, often requiring multiple immersions for a complete reset. It’s akin to peeling back layers, revealing the innate, unaligned soul beneath.

Some believe the waters were enchanted by the ancient rilmani, imbued with the power to bring balance, reflecting their own ethos of neutrality. Another theory suggests that the waters are a natural manifestation of the Spire’s power, a rare anomaly where the Spire’s energy promotes balance rather than nullification.

Those who bathe in the onsen often describe feeling a sense of profound peace and clarity, as their inner conflicts and biases are washed away. Some even report experiencing brief visions or moments of enlightenment, where the complexities of the multiverse seem simple and unified. There’s the tale of the zealous crusader of Lunia who found his way to the onsen. After days of soaking in the waters, he emerged with his religious intolerance washed away, leaving just a man at peace, and he dedicated his life thereafter to mediation and reconciliation rather than violent conversion. There’s the tale of the ruthless Mercykiller executioner, who grew weary of the ghosts which haunted her at night. After cleaning herself in the onsen, she gave up her militant beliefs and established a program of rehabilitation in Sigil’s Prison. And of course tales of more than one modron who got the merest splash of water on them from the onsen and turned rogue.

The Proprietors: The onsen is run by a trio of rilmani, those enigmatic outsiders dedicated to maintaining balance. These proprietors, known as Sylmae, Tarn, and Vireo, are diverse in personality and united in purpose. Sylmae is the most approachable, often seen engaging with guests and ensuring their comfort. Tarn is more reserved, focusing on the onsen’s upkeep and the purity of the waters. Vireo, the most enigmatic, is rarely seen. The chant goes that they somehow imbue the onsen with its extremism-neutralising properties.

The welcoming face of the cuprilach Sylmae is the one you’re most likely to see chattin’ up with the guests. They’ve got a knack for making berks feel at home, and their warm demeanour hides a sharp mind. Sylmae’s the sort who can listen to your screed and make you feel like you’re the only berk in the multiverse. Not only are they skilled in the art of hospitality, but they’re also a bit of a healer. Sylmae often helps those who come to the onsen seeking solace from more than just their extreme beliefs – physical ailments, heartache, curses, you name it.

Tarn is also called the Silent Guardian. Tarn’s the ferrumach is your more reserved type, prefers to keep to the shadows and ensure everything’s running smooth. They’re the one making sure the waters stay pure and the onsen remains a sanctuary. Tarn’s got a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the onsen’s mystical properties. They’re the reason the place feels like a slice of harmony, perfectly balanced and always in order.

Then there’s Vireo, the most mysterious of the trio. Rarely seen, the argenach Vireo is believed to be the one who imbues the onsen with its alignment-neutralising properties. It’s said that their understanding of balance and neutrality is what gives the onsen its unique power. Though not directly interacting with the guests, Vireo’s influence is felt throughout the onsen.

The Dark Side of the Onsen: Now don’t go thinking everything’s all sweet water and light laughter here though, berk. There are those in the planes, especially the more cunning and manipulative sort, who might use the onsen for their own ends. Imagine a power-hungry knight of the cross-trade forcing or tricking a rival to bathe in the waters, effectively neutralising a political adversary or silencing a fervent critic. It’s this kind of thing that Tarn watches out for.

The onsen’s waters, while neutralising extreme beliefs, can sometimes strip away more than just the edges of a person’s character. Some bathers have emerged feeling lost, their core convictions and passions dulled, leading to a crisis of identity. It’s rare, but it’s happened. Some find the peace of the onsen so overwhelming that they become addicted to it, spending more and more time in the waters. They become detached from their responsibilities and relationships, preferring the numbing serenity of the onsen to reality.

Other Services:

Neutralising Baths: The primary draw of the onsen are the baths themselves, renowned for their ability to wash away extreme beliefs and realign one’s moral compass towards true neutrality.

Healing Treatments: Given the healing nature of the waters, the onsen offers a variety of treatments that go beyond alignment adjustment. These include massages, herbal remedies, and other traditional healing practices.

Rest and Relaxation: For those looking to extend their stay beyond a simple bath, the onsen provides accommodations. These are designed for maximum comfort and tranquility, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the restorative environment.

Meditation Areas: There are designated areas for meditation and mindfulness practices, led by Sylmae, to help visitors find inner peace and balance. What better place to restore balance than the very centre of the multiverse, away from the distractions of magic or psionic powers.

Tea Ceremony: The onsen boasts a tea house where guests can enjoy a variety of teas gathered from across the planes to complement the healing properties of the waters.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, inspired by Plastic Mohawk

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