The Crumbling Citadel
The Crumbling Citadel

The Crumbling Citadel

The Crumbling Citadel

Doomguard Stronghold in the Empty Winter of Ash

The Crumbling Citadel is a true chateau of decay—just perfect for the Doomguard who think the whole multiverse is a rusted cog, inching towards entropy. It was built by the Sinkers after they were driven out of their previous stronghold Citadel Cavitius, by none other than the archlich Vecna. I mean, when that blood says jump, you’d be a fool not to fling yourself into the void.

Now, just get this: the Citadel itself is a paradox, right? On one hand, it’s literally crumbling away; as the Nothing itself gnashes at its foundation. Yet, it stands as this grand monument to decay. A lighthouse in the void, you could say. It’s so close to the Negative Elemental Plane, you can hear the void whispering sweet nothings, singing hymns of emptiness. You step foot in the Citadel, you better be watchin’ footing, ’cause ya never know when a slab might decide it’s tired of holdin’ up the roof, or a flagstone give up the ghost and send you tumbling into the void.

So, Devland, the half-elf doomlord who’s the high-up of the citadel, plays it cagey. The berk’s not lettin’ just any yahoo saunter in. A blood’s gotta be a Decay Knight or higher to even step a toe inside the place, which makes it sort of an elite club for the truly downbeat. As for visitors, they get in easy if they’re undead or elementals. And of course, Planewalkers can try their luck if they’ve got juicy darks to spill, especially ’bout somethin’ relatively intact on Ash.

The garrison of Sinkers here numbers around 400, most of them being members of the Sifter coterie. These bashers seek through the shifting terrains of Ash, looking for scraps of matter which have survived being burned, and restoring items that have been destroyed before their time. All you need to know is that they’re a clannish bunch, engrossed in minutiae of entropy, breaking, and decay, like a monk might ponder the meaning of a riddle. More to the point, they’re Doomguard. They’re not so much into fast-tracking the universe to its ultimate demise, but rather wanna slow that process. Savor it, like a fine wine of collapse and ruin.

Oh, and if you’re thinkin’ ’bout a jaunt to the Crumbling Citadel, heed this: Take gifts. Got a relic or artifact that’s two shakes away from bein’ completely unmade? The SInkers will love it. Just watch out for the collapsing walls and the occasionally too-philosophical guard askin’ you what “end” really means. It’s like stayin’ in a hotel built on the concept of nihilism.

If you’re the adventurin’ type, you might want to compare notes with ol’ Stoke Ignitio from Rekindle, aye? Now there’s a story, that one. Fire genasi tryin’ to reignite Ash while the Doomguard are enjoyin’ its slow decay? Mate, that’s like watchin’ a fire dance with a puddle of water. Who’ll sizzle out first, eh?

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