Purifying Water
Purifying Water

Purifying Water

Purifying Water

Purifying Water, Realm of Anahita

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

Purifying Water is where the essence of the goddess Anahita permeates every shimmering droplet and glistening stream. Here, the river’s gentle currents carry the hopes of the virtuous and the aspirations of the just, mirroring the devotion of a deity who willingly abdicated much power to serve a higher purpose. Anahita the Immaculate is a power of the Persian pantheon, patron of prosperity, justice and live-giving waters.

Purifying Water stretches along the banks of the River Eunoë, its waters a ever-present reflection of Anahita’s divine presence. The city that rises from the river’s embrace is a place of profound harmony, where prosperity and justice intertwine like vines embracing a temple’s pillars.

In this realm, Anahita is both the guardian and guide, embodying the spirit of prosperity, justice, and good governance. Her gentle hand steers the course of the river, mirroring the benevolent influence she has on the ebb and flow of fate itself.

The architecture of Purifying Water is breathtaking. Ivory towers rise alongside crystal-clear pools, and bridges of light arch gracefully over waters that whisper with Anahita’s wisdom. The air is imbued with a sense of serenity and purity, as if the very atmosphere has been blessed by the goddess herself.

Anahita’s realm is not only a haven of tranquility but also a beacon of guidance. She unveils the plans of Ahura Mazdah to those who possess the wisdom and might to comprehend them, and her presence bestows a sense of purpose and clarity to the seekers who find their way here.

In Purifying Water, the rites of initiation take on a profound significance, as Anahita’s touch infuses each ritual with her grace and blessings. And yes, she clings to the remnants of her past, embracing the sensual aspects of her nature as she blesses the union of two mortal bodies with each other, a reflection of the prosperity that springs forth from harmonious partnerships.

As the River Eunoë flows toward the Silver Sea, it carries with it the aspirations and dreams of those who journey through Purifying Water. Those who find themselves in this realm are touched by the essence of a goddess who has chosen to serve, to guide, and to bless those who strive for a just and prosperous existence.

Source: mimir.net, inspired by A Tiefling’s Exultation by Alex Roberts.

The Realm of Anahita of the Persian Pantheon.

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