The Pit of Rot
The Pit of Rot

The Pit of Rot

The Pit of Rot

Location: Abyss / Wormblood

Realm/Prison: Kyuss, the Worm that Walks [Elder Mythos]

The Pit of Rot is a place that’s a sinkhole to the heart of repugnance. You’ve got an itch to know more about this foul locale, huh? Picture a chasm that’d give even a balor the shudders. It’s like the Abyss itself got fed up with Wormblood’s grotesque beauty and decided to open up a pit straight into the depths of despair. The Pit of Rot is a pitfall of absolute filth and decay, a place where the very fabric of reality is rotten.

The walls are jagged and twisted, like the claws of some cosmic nightmare clawed their way through the earth. As you peer down into the pit, the air changes – it’s like you’re breathing in despair and exhaling dread. The place is suffocating, a weight on your shoulders that you can’t bear. The colours are all wrong – sickly shades of green and brown, as if nature turned its back and walked away in disgust. The air is thick with flies, both small and biting, and huge and demonic — the chasme lay their eggs in this cursed place as well. The ground is a mess of filth and decay, like the aftermath of a particularly gruesome feast. Pools of noxious goo bubble and gurgle, as if the very ground is sickened by the place. Looming at the bottom, you’ve got the trench of torment. Its walls are seeping with disease, and the very air burns your lungs.

And what’s lurking in the trench? None other than Kyuss, the Wormgod and grand puppeteer of disease and torment. This is where he slithers and schemes, attended by the bravest Plaguebearers who dare to get close enough to throw in the results of their experiments with diseases. Kyuss doesn’t just want souls on which to feast, he wants them flavoured with plague.

Well, not quite. Kyuss isn’t actually in the pit, as he’s imprisoned in an obelisk in a place called the Wormcrawl Fissure. Apparently it’s on some prime world called Oerth, but that’s by the by. The Pit of Rot, however, is an attempt to free the Parasite Divine by a back door — the decaying fabric of reality here is angled just so that it is wearing through, oh so slowly, and thinning the barrier between Oerth and the Abyss. Perhaps in one thousand years, or perhaps in one, the final tear will occur and Kyuss will be able to crawl up through the sluices and into the Abyss, free after such a long time. His cultists will surely rejoice, and the Abyss will surely quake.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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