Ubiquitous Wayfarer
Ubiquitous Wayfarer

Ubiquitous Wayfarer

Ubiquitous Wayfarer

Proprietor: Riaen Blackhome (planar human 0-level [she/her] / Guvners / LN)

“Thank you kindly for the jink. Remember, a little extra for the tip once we’re squared away, aye?

Now, let’s chat about the Ubiquitous Wayfarer, nestled within Sigil like a ruby tucked into a turd. Here we are in the smoggy Lower Ward, tasting the soot and iron in the air, but the Ubiquitous Wayfarer, it’s a realm unto itself. With entrances that open into both The Lady’s and Clerks’ Ward as well as the Lower, it shines as a sanctuary of the bizarre and the beautiful, an enclave of marvels amidst the turmoil of the Cage. Far removed from these grunge-choked streets, it’s a portal to realities beyond, where the expanse of the Great Ring is just a piss-break away. Inside, the air swirls with scents from a thousand worlds—yeasty bub and exotic spices mingling with the sweat of a fiend and the fresh breezes of celestial realms. There’s a symphony of languages, laughter, and clinking glasses.

Picture a majestic phoenix-like creature from the Plane of Fire, its feathers shimmering in a spectrum of colors, engaged in a deep conversation with a gehreleth from the ass-crack of Carceri, its form enigmatic and intimidating. It’s like a microcosm of the Cage itself. Faction meddling, proxy wars, discreet and sometimes not-so-discreet skirmishes—it’s all there. It’s a place where allegiances are tested and formed, where the air crackles with the tension of a thousand different beliefs clashing and converging. It’s a place where the sharp edge of politics cuts just as keenly as any blade.

Rooms for rent? They’ve got them—by the hour, day, or moon, each accessed through its own mystical portal. You get a special key, a unique artifact known only to the staff. It’s like clutching a slice of another world in your hand. As for the Wayfarer’s mysteries? The proprietors’ bone-boxes are tight-lipped about those.

The Wayfarer, the chant goes, offers an amenity for nearly every planar being to indulge in, catering to the most exotic and diverse needs. Rumour has it, this is made possible by creating pocket planes within the Ethereal, each accessible only by a specialized portal. And those portals, they’re something else. The keys? Unique drinks, special concoctions, each a secret of the Wayfarer’s staff. Imagine the moment of unveiling the portal in the Wayfarer, an exotic mix of bub in hand, the anticipation of a new adventure tingling in your veins.

But hold on… I see a Harmonium patrol heading this way. Time to give ’em the laugh. Quick, down this alley, the Wayfarer’s just around the corner. Keep your head low, and follow me…”

Canonical References:

  • Dead Gods [2e] p126,135-136,138,140,143-144,146-147 (129,137,145) (adventure with several scenes set in the Wayfarer)
  • Deva’s Spark [2e] p10-13,16 (adventure can start in the Wayfarer)
  • Faction War [2e] p123 (inn closes down after Faction War—but that was just a bad dream wasn;t it 😉
  • In the Cage [2e] p24,57 (brief description)

Source: Jason Speed

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