Beacons of Faith
Beacons of Faith

Beacons of Faith

The Beacons of Faith

A Beacon of Faith in the Silver Sea

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

In the lustrous expanse of the Silver Sea, where the waters reflect the brilliance of Celestia, a network of lighthouses stand as beacons of hope and safety. Rising like spires from the waves, their tips glint with radiant light, and guiding the glittering ships of petitioners that sail from the Underlands carrying their precious cargo of new souls.

Now, there’s a tale that’s been told across the Silver Sea by sailors and fisherfolk. It’s a tale of one particular Lunian lighthouse, known as the Stalwart Beacon, which stands proud near the reefs outside the Bay of Light.

Long ago, the legend goes, the Stalwart Beacon was crafted by the hands of a celestial artisan, and its capstone set with a shard of divine light. The lighthouse’s glow could pierce through the thickest mists and silver storms, guiding ships safely through the Silver Sea. One stormy night, a rogue sorcerer named Malachar sought to steal the power of the light for his own nefarious designs. With forbidden magics, he summoned shadows to cloak the beacon’s light, plunging the waters of the Bay of Light into darkness.

The lantern archon guardians of the lighthouses were quick to respond, their angelic forms chasing away the sorcerer’s shadows. But under the cover of the storm, Malachar had stolen the shard of light, the Beacon was dark, and the Silver Sea’s ships were adrift, lost without their guiding light.

A storm on the Silver Sea

A wily tiefling sailor named Selene rose to the challenge. With the help of a trusty lantern archon called Luxia, she embarked on a quest to find a rare gemstone known as the Tear of Dawn – a gem said to hold the essence of the rising sun itself. Eventually the pair realised that these gemstones were only formed when the sun goddess Amaterasu shed tears. Tracking the power down in her realm in Mercuria, the two tried various ways to make the goddess cry. She was unmoved by their sad tale of Selene’s ship being wrecked on a reef in the Bay of Light. Undaunted, they tried to trick her into eating Chamadan onion, but the goddess’ constitution was too great. Finally Amaterasu asked the dejected pair what they were up to, and when they confessed they were trying to make her cry, she found this so funny that she laughed and a single tear trickled down her face and turned into a radiant diamond.

With the gem’s power, the Stalwart Beacon’s light was not only restored but made even more radiant than before. And so, the Silver Sea’s ships once again found their way to the Bay of Light. And to this day, as ships sail the Silver Sea around Lunia, sailors offer a prayer of gratitude to the bravery and resourcefulness of Selene and Luxia.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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