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Beastlands — Layer the Second

The Land of Twilight Eternal

The second layer of the Beastlands is a realm of perpetual twilight; Selera is always just on the horizon setting, and the moon Noctos is always crescent. The plants strain towards the half-sun to get enough light. This is the domain of the crepuscular creatures, those who flourish in the liminal time between day and night. Deer, foxes, frogs songbirds, rabbits, beetles, toads, wolves and tigers all haunt this layer.

Locations of Brux

  • Al Karak Elam-Jhankhal (Avariel burg)
  • Cat Lord’s Prowl (realm of the Cat Lord and Ferrix of the weretigers)
  • Library of All Knowledge (realm of Deneir and Milil)
  • Noctos (the moon)
  • Passion Unquenched (realm of Baalbastibus)
  • Restweal (realm of Puchan)
  • Seelie Court (wandering faerie realm)
  • Selera (the sun)
  • Ursis (realm of Balado)
    • Bear Lake (site)
  • Valley of Thunder (site)
  • Waysign (Signer burg)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Powers of Brux

  • Balador (power of were bears)
  • Baalibastus (orcish power of love)
  • Deneir (power of art)
  • Ferrix (power weretigers)
  • Milil (Faerûnian power of song)
  • Pucahn (Vedic power of meeting)
  • Ehlonna (Oerdian power of the woodlands)
  • Stillsong (wandering power of unknown portfolio)

Animal Lords of Brux

  • Beetle Lord
  • Cougar Lord
  • Coyote Lord
  • Deer Lord
  • Fox Lord
  • Frog Lord
  • Lark Lord
  • Rabbit Lord 
  • Toad Lord
  • Wolf Lord

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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