Arvandor — Olympus
Arvandor — Olympus

Arvandor — Olympus

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Arvandor — Olympus

Arborea — Layer the First

The EverForest, The Mountain of the Gods

The layer of Arvandor (to the elves) or Olympus (to the Greeks) is one of plains and mountains, forests and savannah, valley and sea. Everything here is larger than life, emotions and coloured amped up to the next level. It’s the plane of Heroic Quests of the Olympians, and the Deep Magic of the ancient elves. It’s a place of meddling powers, of mythology written large, and timeless history interacting with the present. It’s the plane of epic stories written large.

Locations of Arvandor — Olympus

Arvandor (realm of the Elven pantheon)

  • Aerdrie’s Floating Palace (realm of Aerdrie Faenya)
  • Apprentice’s Reverie (independent burg)
  • Brandywine River (site)
  • Corellon’s Tower (realm of Corellon Larethian)
  • Evergold/Canathas (shared realm of Hanali Celanil, Aphrodite, Melira Taralen)
  • Giantish Ruins (site)
  • Gnarl (realm of Erevan Ilesere)
    • Erevan’s Changing Palace
  • Grandfather Oak (treant town)
  • Hanali’s Crystal Palace (realm of Hanali Celanil)
  • Highhunt River (site)
  • Hill of the Dancing Man (site)
  • House of Glowing Stars (realm of Araleth Letheranil)
  • Ingmar Brook (gate to Alfheim in Ysgard)
  • Lake Goneril (site)
  • Lolth’s Grove (abandoned)
  • Lolth’s Tears (site)
  • Many-Splendored (site)
  • Pale Tree (realm of Solonor Thelindra)
  • Roaring Gate (gate to the Beastlands)
  • Silverflow River (site)
  • The Sparkling Sea (realm of Deep Sashelas)
  • Spire of Thorns (site)

Olympus (realm of the Greek pantheon)

  • Arkenos (independent burg)
  • Coin (independent burg)
  • Kourakis River (site)
  • Mount Helicon (realm of Apollo, the Muses and the Graces)
    • The Grove of the Muses (realm of the Muses)
  • Mount Olympus (site, planar pathway)
    • Ares’ Fortress (realm of Ares)
    • Artemis’ Bower (realm of Artemis)
    • Athena’s Hall (realm of Athena)
    • Aphrodite’s Palace (realm of Aphrodite)
    • Apollo’s Temple (realm of Apollo)
    • Dionysus’ Vineyard (realm of Dionysus)
      • Nunc est Bibendum (realm town)
    • Demeter’s Field (realm of Demeter)
    • Eilethyia’s Infirmary (realm of Eilethyia)
    • Garden of the Hesperides (grove of Hera)
    • Golden Falls (site)
    • Hero’s Rest (realm of Heracles and Hebe)
    • Helius’ Palace (realm of Helius)
    • Hephaestus’ Forge (realm of Hephaestus and Nebelun the Meddler)
    • Hermes’ Den (realm of Hermes)
    • Nysa (valley of nymphs)
    • Portal Defile, the (site)
    • Tyche’s Villa (partly deserted)
    • Zeus and Hera’s Temple (realm of Zeus and Hera)
  • Polykeptolon (realm town)
  • Thalassia (realm town)

The Rest of the Layer

  • The Absorbing Light (realm of Utu)
  • Brightwater (shared realm of Lliira, Sharess, Sune and Tymora)
    • Heartfire Quarter
    • Quarter of the Great Wheel
    • Quarter of the Orange Lanterns
  • Court of Stars (wandering realm of the Seelie Court)
  • Florallium (realm of Iallanis realm)
  • Forking Road, the (realm of Trithereon)
  • Fermata (realm of Finder Wyvernspur)
  • Freedom of Speech (independent burg)
  • Here Be Monsters (independent burg)
  • Gilded Hall, the (Sensate holding)
  • Joys Unforgotten (realm of Dur-Shuk)
  • Loom of the Celestial River (realm of Chih Nii)
  • River Achelous (planar pathway)
  • Songsheight (realm of Laerme)
  • The Summerland (realm of the Wiccans)
  • Thrassos (independent burg)
  • Whistledge (realm of Syranita)
  • Yggdrasil (planar pathway)

Powers of Arvandor – Olympus

The Olympians (the Greek pantheon)

  • Adonis (Greek power of male beauty)
  • Aphrodite (Greek power of female beauty)
  • Apollo (Greek power of prophecy, music)
  • Ares (Greek power of war)
  • Artemis (Greek power of hunting)
  • Athena (Greek power of wisdom)
  • Deimos (Greek power of fear)
  • Demeter (Greek power of agriculture)
  • Dionysus (Greek power of wine)
  • Eileithyia (Greek power of childbirth)
  • Eris (Greek power of strife)
  • Eros (Greek power of love)
  • Ganymede (Greek power of service)
  • the Graces (Greek power of artistic excellence)
  • Hebe (Greek power of youth)
  • Helius (Greek power of sunlight)
  • Hephaestus (Greek power of smithing)
  • Hera (Greek power of marriage)
  • Hermes (Greek power of travel, theft)
  • Hestia (Greek power of the hearth)
  • Iris (Greek power of rainbows)
  • the Muses (Greek power of inspiration)
  • Nike (Greek power of victory)
  • Pan (Greek power of nature)
  • Persephone (Greek power of spring)
  • Phobos (Greek power of fear)
  • Prometheus (titan of knowledge)
  • Rhea (titan of motherhood)
  • Selene (Greek power of the moon)
  • Tyche (Greek power of luck)
  • Zeus (Greek power of storms, leader of the pantheon)

Seldarine (the Elven pantheon)

  • Aerdrie Faenya (Elven power of birds)
  • Alobar Lorfiril (Elven power of hedomism)
  • Angharradh (Elven power of fertility)
  • Araleth Letheranil (Elven power of starlight)
  • Corellon Larethian (Elven power of art, war)
  • Elebrin Liothel (Elven power of harvest)
  • Erevan Ilesere (Elven power of mischief)
  • Hanali Celanil (Elven power of beauty)
  • Labelas Enoreth (Elven power of longevity)
  • Melira Taralen (Elven power of song)
  • Rillifane Rallathil (Elven power of nature)
  • Sarula Illiene (Elven power of water)
  • Sehanine Moonbow (Elven power of moon, death)
  • Solonor Thelindra (Elven power of hunting)
  • Ye’Cind (Elven power of music)
  • Zandilar (Elven power of sensuality)

Other Powers of Arborea

  • Chih Nii (Kara-Tur power of history)
  • Dur-Shuk (orcish power of joy)
  • Finder Wyvernspur (Faerûnian power of saurials)
  • Iallanis (Ordning power of love)
  • Laerme (Cerilian power of beauty)
  • Lliira (Faerûnian power of joy)
  • Sharess (Faerûnian power of hedonism)
  • Sune (Faerûnian power of beauty)
  • Syranita (avian power of protection)
  • Trithereon (Oerdian power of liberty)
  • Tymora (Faerûnian power of luck)
  • Utu (Sumerian power of the sun)

Philosophies of Arborea

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Alex Roberts

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