Joys Unforgotten
Joys Unforgotten

Joys Unforgotten

Joys Unforgotten

Realm of Dur-Shuk

Location: Arborea / Arvandor

Joys Unforgotten is a slice of Arborea that vibrates with the laughter of its lord. Its buildings are painted with the hues of endless sunsets, the trees of its forests murmur songs of ancient joy, and its rivers sparkle with the light of uncounted stars. The architecture is a harmonious blend of orcish robustness and elven elegance, symbolising the unity of Dur-Shuk’s spirit with that of his beloved.

In this realm, Dur-Shuk’s orc petitioners find a sanctuary from the harsh judgments of the worlds they left behind. Here, they are free to express themselves, to forge friendships that know no bounds, and to explore the arts in all their forms. Music, painting, poetry, and dance are not just pastimes but sacred acts that honour the Laughing One and his teachings.

Life in Joys Unforgotten is a celebration of the diversity of existence. Dur-Shuk encourages his followers to embrace their true selves, to find joy in their unique identities, and to spread that joy like wildfire. His petitioners, whether orc or otherwise, are united not by race or creed, but by a shared commitment to fostering a community where love, in all its forms, is the greatest virtue.

Amidst the laughter and the creative flourishes that marks each corner, stands a figure as pivotal to the essence of the realm as Dur-Shuk himself—that of Telandor, an elf of grace, wisdom, and profound depth. Telandor is much more than a mere consort to a deity. He’s a bridge between worlds and cultures, between orcish stolidity and elven grace. His story with Dur-Shuk began not with grandeur or combat but with a shared moment of genuine laughter, a rare moment indeed between orc and elf, the two most ancient of racial enemies. This bond formed in joy, grew into an unbreakable connection, that would eventually lead to the creation of Joys Unforgotten.

Telandor’s the heart behind the harmonious design of its landscapes and structures, blending orcish and elven aesthetics into a seamless whole that celebrates both. Under his guidance, the arts flourish—music that combines the robust chants of orc lungs with the intricate melodies of elven lore, paintings that capture the wild beauty of Arborea with a depth that speaks to both orc and elf aesthetics, and poetry that weaves the stories of their combined legacies into verses that resonate with all who hear them.

For the petitioners of Joys Unforgotten, Dur-Shuk is their inspiration and guidance. He teaches them not just the ways of art and creativity but the deeper lessons of acceptance and love. The treetop streets are places of learning and laughter, where every soul, regardless of its origin, is encouraged to explore its potential and share its unique light.

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Source: Chris ‘Orc Friend’ Nichols and Jon ‘Orc Skeptic’ Winter-Holt

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