The General of Vengeance. Planar aasimon empyral lord [he/him] / LG.

Portfolio: Destruction, good, law, nobility, duty, fire, zeal

Ragathiel – now there’s a name that sends shivers down fiendish spines. He’s a towering presence for sure, standing at an impressive 20 feet tall; a sight that’d make even the most stalwart warrior take notice.

His origin is story about as chequered as a Blood War chess board. Born as the son of the archdevil Dispater and Feronia, a demipower from the Plane of Fire, he had a start that was grand but far from auspicious. But the blood didn’t let an infernal heritage hold him back. A thoroughly reformed character, he’s climbed the celestial ranks all the way up the Mount to become one of the chiefs of the Celestial Host army. They say he’s got a connection to the baatezu like no other archon, knowing ’em from the inside out.

From his eponymous fortress in Lunia, Ragathiel commands the Celestial Host with an iron will. It ain’t just about strategy and plans; this basher leads from the front, taking to the frontlines with a passion that burns like the flames that adorn his wings. He loves nothing better than leading the charge against fiends and giving ’em a taste of celestial justice. His castle ain’t just a fortress; its a command post from which he wages war against the fiends on the Lower Planes. When he’s not busy smiting evildoers, he’s planning calculated incursions into the Lower Planes, showing them that Celestia’s not one to mess with.

Imagine him, a colossal figure with five flaming wings that blaze with righteous fury. His sixth wing is missing, severed by his estranged father Dispater. But that loss only fuels his determination, cutter, for Ragathiel’s got a fire within him that can’t be extinguished.

Ragathiel’s story is one of redemption, of rising above the legacy of his infernal bloodline. He stands where steel meets salvation, and proves that even a devil’s blood can be transformed into a force for celestial fury. Just remember, if you find yourself there, stay out of the way when Ragathiel charges, ’cause trust me, you don’t want to be caught in the middle of a celestial stampede.

Canonical Sources:

  • Chronicle of the Righteous [Pathfinder 1e] p21
  • Gods & Magic [Pathfinder 1e] p84 & 128
  • Pathfinder wiki entry

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

Ragathiel, Empyreal Lord and General of Vengeance

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