The Unerring Bow, Larajie, Leraie

(Planar tanar’ri lord of evil centaurs [he/him] / CE)
Lair: Abyss / Pazunia / Fortress Virelay 

I’ll spin you a tale of the one they call Laraie of the Unerring Bow, a right nasty piece of work even among the elite echelon of Abyssal Lords, a demon lord with an artist’s touch when it comes to delivering misery and agony, they say. Imagine, if you will, a creature, part centaur, part amanite, part angelic figure — an uncomfortable blend that gives the cutter a real aesthetic twist. Laraie’s top half is a handsome humanoid male, his green skin echoing the wild forests of the Abyss. The bottom half is that of a horse, or perhaps an armanite. Perhaps he can choose to be either. But beneath his handsome visage, that heart within him beats with the cold rhythm of the Abyssal void itself, pumping malice and cruelty through veins that revel in the darkness. A proper blackguard, he is, with a lineage rumoured to trace back to armanites, hence that disturbingly charming yet ferocious appearance.

Now, picture that same divinely beautiful hand pulling back on a composite longbow, a weapon of such vile craftsmanship that it seems to suck the very light from the air around it. An instrument of sheer unholy might, it channels darkness and wickedness from depths unseen, a harvester of souls that hungers for the righteous. Oh, it ain’t no ordinary bow, cutter, it’s a tool of massacre, spiting arrows that delivering agonising poisons, disintegration, agonising pain, paralysation or a swift, imploding death. They say them arrows are a cacophony of misery, a symphony of suffering in physical form, and they scream as they fly towards their targets. And better believe it cutter, they say when Laraie shoots an arrow at you, he never misses!

And let’s chat about his fortress, a giant tree-bastion called Virelay and lodged in Pazunia, the grim first layer of the Abyss, a hideaway amongst the tortured landscapes and endless suffering. From here, Laraie plans and plots his vile campaigns of cruelty and sadism, with eyes forever peeled for good-aligned targets to pierce with his horrific projectiles. His favourite targets are elves, centaurs and other sylvan creatures — although centaurs who are suitable obsequious tend to get spared. His reach extends far beyond that fortress, stretching down into into the expansive Plains of Gallenshu (layer 377) and other leafy, forested layers of the Abyss. A right predatory landlord, he is, stalking the darkness with an unquenchable thirst for suffering, a master of his domains where every tree whispers secrets to him, and every shadow holds a promise of pain for his enemies.

So, if ya find yourself wandering in the realms of the Abyss, keep an ever-watchful eye for the shades of green that herald the presence of Laraie. He sticks out like a sore tentacle on crimson Pazunia, let me tell you! And remember, cutter, in the land of darkness, not all that glitters is gold; some of it is the cold, calculated glint in the eyes of a demon lord who has mastered the art of death, his foul heart pulsing with the dark rhythms of the Abyss.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,, thanks also to the anonymous poster here.

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