The Stutterer, The Keeper of the Seals. Planar human archmage wizard (he/they), Order of Planes-Militant, LG/LN.

Indigo, Keeper of the Seals for the Order of the Planes-Militant

Indigo is a flamboyant archmage who’s got more flair than a fireball. They’re also the architect of the eponymous Pinnacle of Indigo, a tower carved from a giant crystalline shard of lapis lazuli. Nestled within the realm of Nectar of Life, under the watching eye of Brihaspati, the tower is a sight to behold.

Indigo is similarly eye-catching, with flowing robes of purple silk that create shifting patterns that dance with every step, a symphony of colour with gold and silver threads that glitter like stars. Indigo’s eyes are sharp and curious, with a spark that hints at cosmic knowledge. The nickname ‘the stutterer’ comes from their trouble with public speaking. Spells come fine, but for speeches, Indigo typically uses a ventriloquism spell to do the talking.

But it’s more than Indigo than just appearance, cutter. Indigo’s motivations are as multifaceted as a gemstone, reflecting the hues of their complex nature. Indigo is a seeker of arcane truths, a lover of all things magical, and has got a particular fascination with the deeper mysteries of the multiverse. They seek to uncover planar secrets in order to leave a personal legacy in the annals of cosmic history. Indigo is a wizard, yes, but also a visionary, a dreamer who has weaved their enchantments into the fabric of Lunia.

Indigo is also fiercely loyal to the ideals of Mount Celestia. Their philosophy plus his expertise meant Indigo rapidly rose through the ranks of the Order of Planes-Militant, to become one of the top bloods, the Keeper of the Seals.

What are the Seals? Good question cutter. No less than the secret treasures of the Order of Planes-Miliant; holy grails, monstrances, relics, divine weapons, that kind of thing. Whether they’re kept in the Pinnacle, or in the First Monastery on Solania, or somewhere else, is anyone’s guess.

Canonical references:

  • Planes of Law: Mount Celestia (2e) p11 (stats, Planes-Militant), 14 (Pinnacle of Indigo)
  • Planes of Conflict: Adventures (2e) p17 (mention in an adventure)
  • Planes of Conflict: Liber Benevolente (2e) p33 (mention including alignment shifting)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, I felt a little uncomfortable with the ‘Indigo the Stutterer’ name that the canon gives this character, although medieval names would definitely have included this sortof potentially unkind descriptor as a nickname. I de-emphasised the ableist part a little be removing the nickname from Indigo’s title, although I left in the detail. Also, Indigo seemed like quite a flamboyant character with fabulous purple robes and tower, and if the canon can shift Indigo’s alignment, I thought why not give Indigo he/they pronouns as well?

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