Sakhmet. CN lesser power of the destructive power of the sun, heat, epidemics (She/Her)

Pantheon: Egyptian

Symbol: A solar disc

Realm: Elemental Fire / Wandering

Known Proxies: None

An Egyptian legend says that Ra somehow grew dissatisfied with man so he had his good daughter Hathor go into a killing frenzy, and sent her to kill humankind. Hathor became the lioness goddess Sekhmet and rampaged the Prime. The other powers took pity on the humans and begged Ra to stop the killing—there were actually very few survivors at that time—but Ra just couldn’t have Sekhmet stop.

So he poured red-coloured ale onto the desert. Sekhmet was lured by the colour of the ale, believed it was human blood, and drank it all up. She then fell into a slumber so Ra could then placate her. After this, Sekhmet became a distinct goddess in the Egyptian pantheon, a reminder of the power of the gods, a distant yet ever-present threat. In Ineb-hedj, she became the local goddess, the wife of Ptah and the mother of Nefertum.

Sekhmet maintains no realm. She freely roams the elemental plane of Fire, relishing the heat and the glory of the plane. Since Sekhmet doesn’t care to maintain any realm, her petitioners join the ‘common’ Egyptian petitioners in Uernfes, the beautiful rural country on Abellio, the first layer of Arcadia. Sekhmet ignores the Egyptian powers of the Outer Planes. Her presence in the Outer Planes is negligible. Since her husband Ptah roams the Ethereal, her main concern is her place in the plane of Fire, where she is kept busy contending with the other powers of Fire.

The Priesthood

Sekhmet’s followers are either barmies, chaotic outcasts of the Egyptian society, or desperate victims of epidemics hoping to please the goddess and be saved. Egyptian efreet, chaotic beings of fire called afrit, also worship Sekhmet. Priests of Sekmet have particular powers in healing epidemics and are hence renowned physicians in Egyptian lands.

Source: MC Gianni and Jon Winter-Holt

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