Realm town of Tir na Og

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og

Muirshead, nestled in the untamed wilds of Tir na Og, is a village with a spirit as wild and free as the land it’s part of. It’s a place where the pioneer spirit thrives amidst the ancient magic and mystery of the Celtic realm.

Some of the aos sí

The village itself is a blend of rustic charm and mystical allure. Picture timber houses with thatched roofs, adorned with intricate Celtic carvings that tell stories of old. The streets are narrow and winding, following the natural contours of the land rather than imposing on it. At the centre of the village is a grand oak tree, said to have been planted by the Daghdha when the Tuatha de Danann first conquered the realm. Its branches are a meeting place for the local druids (in bird shape of course) and a symbol of the village’s deep connection to nature.

What makes Muirshead unique, however, is its proximity to the enchanted forests of Tir na Og. The forests are alive with ancient spirits and mythical creatures, some benevolent, others more mischievous. Among these are the Aos Sí, the fairy folk, elusive and enigmatic, guardians of the natural world. They often venture close to Muirshead, drawn by the villagers’ respect for nature. The Aos Sí are capricious, sometimes helping the villagers with their knowledge of herbal remedies and natural magic, other times playing tricks on unwary travellers.

One of the more interesting characters in Muirshead is Siobhan the Woodcutter, a woman who knows the forest better than anyone. She’s a bridge between the village and the fey world, understanding the ways of the Aos Sí and often negotiating peace or trade between the two.

Siobhan the Woodcutter

Another notable figure is Eamus, the village healer. A half-elf of wisdom and mystery, he is said to possess the gift of foresight and a deep understanding of ancient Celtic healing arts. His small hut is filled with herbs and potions, and villagers and creatures alike seek his aid.

Then there’s Fionn, the blacksmith, whose ancestors have lived in Muirshead for generations. Their forge produces not only tools and weapons but also intricate metalwork that seems to capture the essence of the Celtic myths and legends.

The village of Muirshead is a place where the veil between worlds is thin. Here, the ancient traditions of the Celts blend seamlessly with the untamed magic of Tir na Og. It’s a community that respects the old ways, living in harmony with the land and its mystical inhabitants. Muirshead is as much a part of the wilds of Tir na Og as the creatures that roam its forests.

Canonical Source: On Hallowed Ground [2e] p7.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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