The Teacher of the Gods. LG intermediate power of wisdom and worship (He/Him)

Pantheon: Vedic

Realm: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Nectar of Life

Known Proxies: Chandra Mahatman (human paladin proxy [he/him], LG)

Brihaspati, also knows as The Guru or Brahmanaspati, is the personification of diving wisdom, learning and teaching. He’s called the Guru of Devas, and it’s said that all devas must study at his feet until he pronounces them ready for their duties on the planes. He also has the role of teacher and spiritual mentor of the other powers in the Vedic pantheon—not that all of them appreciate this—and is greatly revered as the Guide of Gods. His wisdom and insights are sought during times of decision-making by mortals and powers alike, and his role extends to shaping the destiny of individuals and societies through his guidance. He is also occasionally consulted by demipowers from other pantheons, and if their interests coincide, the Teacher of Gods has been known to host them in his realm.

His third, and arguably most important, purpose is to remind mortals the correct way to worship the powers properly. This is vital to ensure the Vedic powers receive the prayers from their worshippers which provides the dharma to sustain them, and because of this Brihaspati is tolerated by even the wilder members of the pantheon.

He appears as a wise and learned sage, often holding sacred texts or a rosary, or with a divine tiger. However his true form is rather more terrifying: Brihaspati has seven mouths, sharp horns, a wickedly Sharon axe, and one hundred wings. He only assumed this form when angered or there is a threat to the very notion of wisdom.

Canonical References:

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Brihaspati, Teacher of the Vedic Gods.

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