Well of Sláine
Well of Sláine

Well of Sláine

The Well of Sláine

Realm of Airmed

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og

The Well of Sláine is a place steeped in ancient magic and profound heartache and the realm of Airmed, the Meadow’s Sigh. Here’s the dark on this mystical well and its surroundings. Nestled in a secluded meadow, the Well of Sláine is a natural spring, its waters clear as crystal. It’s surrounded by lush greenery, with herbs, flowers and trees green and verdant all year round. Near the well lies a garden, birthed from Airmed’s tears, brimming with a bewildering array of herbs, each with its own healing property. This garden is both beautiful and melancholic, a living reminder of Airmed’s sorrow and her brother’s legacy. The legend of the scattering of Airmed’s healing herbs by Dian Cécht has led many to believe that the well and its surroundings contain many secrets to lost herbal magic, known only to Airmed. The air around the well is serene yet charged with a palpable sense of magic. The wind carries faint songs of lament, adding a layer of solemnity to the place.

The Well of Sláine harbours ancient magical energies, which Airmed is able to direct. She can sing over the waters to resurrect the dead, although this is a power she exercises judiciously to in order to avoid the wrath of Arawn, the lord of the dead, who guards petitioners souls jealously. The chant goes there might be other, unknown properties to the water, perhaps related to memory, foresight. Airmed’s tale, woven with loss, jealousy, and powerful magic, makes the Well of Sláine more than just a place of healing. It’s a spot where the boundaries between life and death blur, where ancient wisdom is both lost and found, and where every leaf and drop of water tells a story of heartache.

Adventure Hooks

  • Characters are tasked with helping Airmed reconstruct her lost herbal knowledge. This quest could involve gathering rare herbs, exploring ancient texts, and even braving the realms of the Fir Bolg to retrieve a long-forgotten plant.
  • The party must negotiate with Airmed to resurrect a fallen hero. The challenge is to do so without alerting Arawn or facing his ire. This could involve a series of stealthy undertakings and magical challenges.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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