Nikkal-wa-Ib, the Goddess of the Fruit. LG lesser power of the full moon, orchards, agriculture (She/Her)

Pantheon: Ugaritic

Realm: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Moonshine (shared with Yarikh)

Nikkal is a power of the ancient Ugaritic Pantheon, the precursors to the Persian Pantheon. Like many ancient powers, Nikkal has a diverse portfolio of interests. She is the power of the full moon, and is responsible for most of the light shining down on Lunia. She is also the power of bountiful fertility, and her blessings ripen the fruit orchards and bring flowers to the gardens of the layer.

Nikkal manifests as a youthful beauty, with skin the colour of the full moon’s glow. She is the daughter of Nanna Sin and the wife of Yarikh, the power of lunar cycles, with whom she shares the realm of Moonshine.

Source: & Planescape fansite A Tiefling’s Exultation by Alex Roberts (link to archive)

Nikkal, Goddess of the Fruit


    1. Hi there! No, as far as I know the Ugaritic pantheon was never covered by any D&D books — Alex Roberts added a number of real world mythological powers to his site A Tiefling’s Exultation and I’ll be updating and adding more of them in time.

      (FYI the Ugaritic powers come from the mythology of the North Syria region from around 1300-1200 BC)

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