The Paranoid Power, the Freedom Lord. CN demipower of the dispossessed, the imprisoned, the escaped, paranoia [He/Him]

Symbol: A clenched fist

Realm: Pandemonium / Cocytus / The Free Land

See Also: The Dispossessed sect

Marinthaxus’ relatively recent transformation from a mortal to a power was slow and gradual, and further unbalanced an already deranged mind. It is one of the great planar ironies that having searched for so long for a way to leave Pandemonium as a mortal, and having deliberately set up home on the Outlands, one of the first things that happened when Marinthaxus became a god was that his home, now his realm, slipped strsaight back into Pandemonium. He is said to have been unhappy at this turn of events. Then he became convinced that some other power had caused it to happen, and circled deeper into paranoia.

Marinthaxus remains deeply unbalanced, and his paranoia reaches new heights every year. He trusts no other deities, and deliberately shuns their company. However, what’s left of his sanity remains focused by his connection to the Dispossessed, to whom he remains devoted. He has recently made his high priest, Darlaith, his first proxy, and there are rumours that Gher will become his second.

The Free Land is a small realm hidden deep in the heart of Cocytus. It is extremely difficult to find without assistance, or previous knowledge (mostly because the paranoid God does not want others to come visiting unexpected). However, once found it is one of the most hospitable places on the howling plane. The winds of Pandemonium do not affect those within the realm (they can still be heard, they just don’t cause madness). Further, as it was Marinthaxus home on the Outlands that was dragged into Pandemonium, there is relatively normal landscape within the realm. Perhaps most importantly, there is a known permanent portal off the plane located there (in fact, possibly more than one). Many of Pandemonium’s inhabitants make for the Free Land in the hope of escaping. Those who do almost always join the Exiles, thus adding power to Marinthaxus. And make no mistake, Marinthaxus is growing in power.

Since his existence as a God became known outside the Exiles, Marinthaxus has picked up the nickname “the Paranoid Power”. Accurate though this is, the Dispossessed, who call him “the Freedom Lord” (or sometimes “the Lord of Freedom”), find this extremely objectionable. Calling Marinthaxus “the Paranoid Power” within the earshot of a Chipper will almost certainly be taken as reason enough to kill you by the sect member. Those who have openly laughed at Marinthaxus have become the hated enemies of the Exiles, who will go to any lengths to bring them down.

As mentioned earlier, all members of the Exiles at least pay lip service to Marinthaxus, and many worship him above any other power (even ones that they followed before their banishment). Some have become specialist priests of the Freedom Lord.

The Priesthood of Marinthaxus

The Free-walkers

Description: The priesthood exists for two reasons; the Dispossessed, and Marinthaxus. They seek to do whatever they can to enable either, or both, to grow stronger.

Weapons Allowed: The Free-walkers are allowed bludgeoning weapons only.

Armour Allowed: Priests of Marinthaxus may wear any armour up to chain mail. they cannot use a shield.

Limitations: Only that they must be members of the Dispossessed. If Darlaith has his way, this may not remain as a requirement.

Granted Powers: Free-walkers can walk Pandemonium without being affected by the wind at all. Furthermore, they are protected against all mind-affecting spells; they gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against such magics.

Major Access: All, Chaos, Combat, Protection, Charm,

Minor Access: Divination, Guardian, Summoning, Thought

The high priest of Marinthaxus, Darlaith, is seeking to increase his deity’s power. He is attempting to persuade people from outside the sect to take up the worship of Marinthaxus. So far he is having little success, but isolated worship of Marinthaxus is occurring in some parts of Pandemonium and Carceri, separate to the Dispossessed. The next step in Darlaith’s plan is to bring an outsider into the priesthood, which he believed will greatly increase the number of people who are not Exiles who worship Marinthaxus. So far his plans appear to be working, though not as quickly as he had hoped. Nevertheless, it seems likely that at some point, worship of Marinthaxus will no longer be associated solely with the Dispossessed, and this would mean that the power will continue to grow in strength.

Canonwatch: See the Planes of Chaos Travelogue [2e] p38 for an introduction to the Dispossessed sect. Marinthaxus is a homebrew addition to the lore.

Source: Galzion

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