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Pandemonium — Layer the Second

The Howling Lands, the Maddening Plane

Called Pandemonium’s Layer of Lamentation by detractors and inhabitants alike, Cocytus is also a confusing mass of tunnels through rock, but these ones have been chiselled out by unseen hands. Whoever did it is long gone and were clearly quite insane, because these passageways twist, turn and overlap each other in all dimensions. They’re much more narrow here than on Pandesmos, and seem to have been carved in a way to make the unceasing wind wail and moan like a barmy banshee. Gravity here orientates towards the walls, making navigation of this place even more of a maddening challenge. This is the plane of loss and sorrow, so intense it’ll drive a cutter mad.

Locations in Cocytus

  • Battle Garde (realm of Garagos the Reaver)
  • Fields of Malice (realm of Erythnul)
    • Citadel of Slaughter (site)
  • The Harmonica (site)
  • Howler’s Crag (site)
  • Hruggekolohk (realm of Hruggek)
  • River Cocytus (planar pathway)
  • Shattered Castle (realm of Cyric)
  • Ship of Fools (independent burg)
  • Shrine of Acererak (site)
  • The Striving (realm of Belinik)
  • The Unseen Path (site)

Powers of Cocytus

  • Belinik (Cerilian power of feuds)
  • Cyric (Faerûnian power of murder)
  • Erythnul (Oerdian power of malice)
  • Garagos the Reaver (Faerûnian power of destruction)
  • Gorrelik (wandering power)
  • Hruggek (bugbear power of violence)

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Alex Roberts

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