Fire Damsel. CG demipower of love, beauty, fire, passion, animals, children (She/Her)

Pantheon: Orcish

Symbol: Silhouette of an orc maiden kneeling in prayer

Realm: Beastlands / Brux / Passion Unquenched

Baalibastus the Fire Damsel once blazed as a beacon of anomalous virtues—love, beauty, fiery passion. Hers is a tragic story of betrayal and resilience, a flame quenched by treachery, yet not quite extinguished.

Baalibastus’s fall began with the ascension of Gruumsh, whose vision for the orc pantheon was steeped in war and conquest. Baalibastus, with her ideals of love and beauty, was a thorn in the side of Gruumsh’s brutal dogma. She advocated for a balance between strength and gentleness, passion and compassion, which endeared her to those orc powers who sought solace from the constant strife.

Gruumsh, rightly viewing her teachings as a threat to his dominion, devised a nefarious plot. Under the guise of a grand convocation, he invited Baalibastus to present her visions for the future of the orc race. It was here, amidst the sacred groves of her worship, that Gruumsh and his kin struck, casting a mighty spell of banishment that severed Baalibastus from her followers and realm, condemning her to wander the planes as an outcast.

Wounded but unbroken, Baalibastus wandered the Great Ring, her fiery spirit undimmed by betrayal. In her exile, she came upon the Beastlands, a realm vibrant with untamed beauty and fierce passion, mirroring her own essence. With the last vestiges of her power, she forged Passion Unquenched, a sanctuary for those who shared her ideals, a place where the fire of love and beauty could burn freely, untainted by Gruumsh’s malice. Unfortunately for Baalibastus this effort was too mush for her weakened state, and she fell into a deep sleep from which she has never awoken; not dead, but not living either. She remains there to this day, protected by an ever-dwindling number of faithful petitioners.

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Source: Chris ‘Orc Friend’ Nichols and Jon ‘Orc Skeptic’ Winter-Holt

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