CE lesser power of vermin, domination, slavery [It/Its], Dromite pantheon

Pantheon: Abyssal

Realm: Abyss / Descolada / Dulopos

Gazzall’et is the malevolent deity who rules over the wretched realm of Dulopos. This creature, if you can even call it that, is a nightmarish entity of pure malevolence. Imagine the embodiment of decay and devastation given form, and you’re starting to get the idea, cutter.

Few bloods have seen it and returned, so details of its appearance are rare as vrock teeth. Survivors describe a nightmarish mixture of humanoid cockroach, undead dung beetle and venomous spider ant. Gazzell’et’s presence is felt by every dromite and planewalker in Dulopos, like a constant, discordant melody that whispers to them to commit acts of unspeakable horror. It’s a looming shadow that suffocates every corner of Dulopos, like staring into the Abyss itself, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Gazzall’et’s goals are shrouded in the same darkness that surrounds its corrupted body. Gazzell’et doesn’t seem to have any grand ambitions for conquest or power, beyond dominating Descolada. Its existence is more like a malevolent force of nature, corrupting everything it touches. It’s content to let Dulopos fester and decay, its dromite subjects acting as extensions of its will, perpetuating suffering and misery. Occasionally, strike forces of dromite warriors are disgorged from Descolada to seek out and drag back creatures or objects of particular interest to their Master. No pattern has yet been discerned in these seemingly random abductions, so theories as to what the Hivebrood is plotting range from taking revenge against Tharzax to creating a humanoid-dromite hybrid race.

But every dark entity has its weaknesses, even Gazzell’et. It’s not the kind of being you can reason with or confront directly. Some whisper that there might be a way to weaken its influence by disrupting the dark rituals that sustain it, but that’s a dangerous path to tread. Others suggest that Gazzell’et’s growing power is tied to a hidden artifact, a source of malevolence called the Heart of Decay. It’s described as a dark, twisted object, a pulsating, corrupted heart stolen from the corpse of Moander. Some say it resembles an obsidian gemstone, while others claim it takes the form of an otherworldly organic creation.

Canonical Source: Expanded Psionics Handbook (3.5e) (dromites).

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

The power of the dromites

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