Ashtarat, Ashtaret, Astarte. LN lesser power of war, fertility, vegetation (She/Her)

Pantheon: Egyptian, Semitic

Symbol: A wreath of leaves

Realm: Arcadia / Abellio / The Bountiful Ration

Known Proxies: None

As the Semitic goddess of fertility and vegetation, Astjeret maintains a bucolic and peaceful realm in Abellio with beautiful fields and plentiful crops tended by Semitic petitioners. Her Egyptian followers on the other hand, make up a small order of militant defenders of her realm, patrolling the many roads of Abellio looking for would-be invaders. Astjeret’s followers do not interact much with the followers of the main Egyptian powers in Buxenus, believing instead their main duty is to defend Abellio’s roads.

As the saying goes, an army marches upon its stomach. Astjeret’s dual role in providing bountiful crops and also war puts her faithful in the perfect position to supply troops with the rations they need to defend the realm, and when called upon, other powers of the Egyptian pantheon. Her realm, the Bountiful Ration, is a valley of endless straight rows of grain, surrounded by hills dotted with herds of goats and sheep.

Astjeret’s followers tend to dislike the Hardheads and their ever-increasing hold on Arcadia. They will always try and avoid having to cooperate with the Harmonium.

Asterjet has been romantically linked with Reshep, some consider them to be married.

Source: MC Gianni and Jon Winter-Holt

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