A’nat, A’nath, Derketo, Atargatis. LN lesser power of revenge (She/Her)

Pantheon: Egyptian, Phoenician, Canaanite, Semitic

Symbol: A mace and a shield

Realm: Acheron / Avalas / Swift Retribution

Known Proxies: None

Anat is a warlike power of revenge who recently joined the Egyptian pantheon from the Semitic pantheon. She maintains a large realm in Acheron where she readies battle-crazed armies to march against the likes of the evil Phoenician power Mot, who killed her brother Baal. Since she has both Phoenician and Egyptian petitioners, her army is a mighty one, with Semitic foot soldiers and archers, and Egyptian charioteers.

The Priesthood

Anat’s petitioners are fighters, and archers. They do not take sides in the rivalry between Montju and Anhur, whom they despise as powers of the past. Anat’s followers rarely interact with the followers of the main Egyptian powers whom they view as passé.

Source: MC Gianni and Jon Winter-Holt

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