Jimmy Stitches
Jimmy Stitches

Jimmy Stitches

Jimmy Stitches

A Mover and Shaker of the Fraternity of Order

When you firmly believe that laws govern all actions, that every instance of existence is all controlled by a set of master rules, free will becomes an illusion at best.

There are laws that govern the motion of a body falling through the Astral. There are even laws that govern how a blood can get from one side of Limbo to the other. Even the notion of Chaos restrains apparent chance to a set of rules who’s scope is beyond the grasp of any intellect.

It then also seems logical that one knew the circumstances surrounding enough events one could predict to a level of accuracy the outcomes of these actions. However, if one knew the circumstances surrounding everything, (perhaps this person is the Lady herself?) then they would know exactly how any event would come to pass with perfect accuracy.

The entire notion of freewill is an illusion: Your choices are merely the result of circumstances set in motion long before your existence was even preordained. We’re all merely puppets on the strings of cosmic laws.

Or so believes one, Jimmy Stitches, Guvner philosopher extraordinaire, and some would say resident barmy of the Cage. Stitches is a tall gangly man, with long white tangly hair. His dark brown eyelids hide beneath his heavy set eyebrows, which complement his bulbous nose. His lips are black and dead in colour, stitched together with brown leather straps, as his eyelids are stitched to his cheeks.

To his arms and legs and head are heavy strings which reach up seven feet above his head affixed to a heavy wooden cross, which dangles in mid air, as if daring gravity to invoke its laws and pull it down.

Rumour has it, his lips were sealed by the Lady herself because he understood the truth behind her power.

Others believe he just went mad and mutilated himself, because he could not stand the sight or taste of a world he could not change.

Still others believe he is Aoskar, a public spectacle designed by the Lady to torment him for eternity.

Regardless of the truth, he has not starved for lack of a mouth, and never bumps into anything. He is known to dance along the roof tops, and weave crowns of razor vine without ever hurting himself in any way. He plays upon the world like an actor on a stage, blind and dumb, but certainly not deaf.

Maybe the answer is just to listen? One thing is certain, Jimmy ain’t telling…

Source: Randir

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