Shrines, Shore & Way
Shrines, Shore & Way

Shrines, Shore & Way

Wayshrines and Shoreshrines

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

Shore Shrine of Lunia

A uncountable number of shrines grace the beaches of Lunia, where new petitioner souls step onto the shores of the Silver Sea of Mount Celestia for the very first time. These shrines are like welcoming beacons, glowing with the radiant light of the Evermountain, ready to listen to the whispers of confession.

Each shrine is different; perhaps marble pillars gleaming with purity, or graceful arches embracing the sky, or just a humble wooden shack. They exist so that newly arrived petitioners can unburden themselves of their past transgressions – unlike many petitioners who completely forget their past lives, it seems the petitioners of Celestia at least remember the sins they committed.

Soft melodies drift through the air, songs of forgiveness that weave through the very fabric of the plane itself. Petitioners step forward, their hearts open, and lay their souls bare. They speak of their past deeds, the burden they carry, the choices they made. And in the shrines, hidden beings listen, their silent presence a symbol of the compassion and mercy of the heavens. As the confessions flow, the shrines absorb the stories, granting forgiveness and release for the petitioners.

A Way Shrine of the Path

Who are the mysterious hidden inquisitors of the shrines? It depends, berk, but a good guess is that as well as a place for petitioners to make fresh start they’re an information gathering point for the spyglass archons. By hearing confession, the spyglasses can pick up on chant from the Prime and monitor the ethical weather of the planes.

Looking further up the slopes, Lunia holds yet more religious buildings dotted across the layer, adjacent to the many paths up the mount. These way shrines stand like milestones, each one a marker of ascent, a milestone on the journey towards greater purity and enlightenment. Each shrine offers the opportunity for a pause in the climb, a moment to reflect on the steps taken and the ones yet to come. Here, petitioners and even celestials might linger, lighting candles and leaving offerings as a sign of devotion.  Inside, you can hear the whispers of prayers, carried by the gentle winds from other shrines, and see the flicker of candlelight from the next way shrine further up the mountain, helping to motivate and guide your ascent.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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