Soul’s Desire
Soul’s Desire

Soul’s Desire

Soul’s Desire

Soul’s Desire is a burg where wishes can come true, but be careful what you wish for.

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia / Threshold

Now there’s a name that’ll make any planewalker’s ears perk up. The burg of Soul’s Desire, nestled on a bluff on the shore of Lunia and serving as the gate town to the plane of Bytopia, is a place of wishes and yearnings, where the dreams of the heart take can on a life of their own.

The Binate Arch, the permanent gate to Bytopia, is located in the waters of the Silver Sea, and travellers using the gate to arrive always appear in the air above the surf, before gravity rapidly takes hold. As with all gates to Bytopia, the Binate Arch is carved from white granite veined with silver. The gate is used most frequently by merchants travelling between the two Upper Planes, bringing foodstuffs and crafted goods from the plane of Industriousness and sending religious artefacts, incense and spices in return.

As for how it got its name, the tale goes like this: Long ago the first archon stood upon the shores of Lunia, a noble creature whose heart was pure and whose desires were driven by the very essence of goodness. This being uttered a prayer, a wish that the place they stood upon would become a haven for those who sought to fulfil their heart’s yearning.

And so, the name “Soul’s Desire” was etched into the fabric of the planes, a beacon to dry in those whose hearts burned with dreams that aligned with the celestial ideals of Lunia.

Now, what’s unique about this burg? Well, gather ’round, and I’ll spill the chant. In Soul’s Desire, the air is filled with a magical aura, which has the distinct scent of unrealized hopes and fresh dreams. The buildings of the burg seem to shift and change, adapting to the desires of those who dwell there, as if the burg is shaped by the collective will of its inhabitants.

But here’s the kicker – the wishes granted in Soul’s Desire come with a twist. They’re not simple gifts handed out without thought. The burg, it’s like a test of one’s intentions, a reflection of whether a wish is truly aligned with the celestial ideals. If your heart’s true and your desires pure, the burg might just grant your wish, but it’ll be tailored to teach you a lesson, to guide you down a path of enlightenment.

There are tales aplenty in Soul’s Desire of wishes that took a twisted turn, leaving the wishers to reckon with the consequences of their desires. These stories should serve as warnings, cautioning those who seek to shape their fates through the power of their wishes. Gather ’round, and I’ll share a couple with you.

The Binate Arch, Gate to Bytopia

The Greedy Merchant’s Gold: There was once a merchant who arrived in Soul’s Desire with a heart full of greed. He wished for endless wealth and prosperity, envisioning piles of gold that would tower to the heavens. The burg did grant his wish, but the gold came pouring into his life in a torrential flood. The merchant’s riches overwhelmed him, burying him beneath the weight of his avarice. He became a prisoner of his own desire, unable to escape the mountains of gold that had once been his heart’s deepest yearning. He learned that there is more to life than money, realised and regretted his greed and devoted the rest of his life to using the gold to help those in real need. He funded the building of temples, schools and an orphanage, and donated the rest to the needy of Sigil’s Hive Ward.

The Star-Crossed Lovers: In the heart of Soul’s Desire, a pair of star-crossed lovers arrived, each wishing for the other’s eternal happiness. The burg, it granted their wishes, but with a twist. The lovers found themselves trapped in a cycle of joy and sorrow, their emotions echoing each other’s. When one was elated, the other was plunged into despair. Their desires, once pure and selfless, became a tangled web of emotional turmoil, a testament to the complexity of true love and the challenges it can bring. Through this lesson they learned that the best kind of love requires compromises and understanding and can’t simply be demanded.

The Vain Bard’s Voice: A bard with an ego as grand as a celestial palace wished for a voice that would captivate the cosmos. The burg granted his wish, but his voice became so enchanting that even the gods themselves couldn’t resist its allure. He found himself unable to speak without drawing the attention of powerful beings from across the planes, and his voice became a double-edged sword that brought him fame and danger in equal measure. He learned that there is more to life than being famous, and turned his creative talents in other directions. He became a painter, and his work on the ceiling frescos of temples across Lunia became legendary, creating a permanent memorial to his name.

These tales serve as reminders that wishes made in Soul’s Desire are not taken lightly. The burg tests the intentions behind the desires, teaching those who tread its streets that the true value of a wish lies not just in its fulfilment, but in the journey it takes to reach that fulfilment. So, if you ever find yourself standing in Soul’s Desire, be mindful of the desires that stir in your heart, for the lessons learned from the burg’s twists and turns can be just as valuable as the wishes themselves.

Canonical Reference: Planes of Law: Mount Celestia (2e) p32 (mention)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

Soul’s Desire

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