Tholin’s Machines
Tholin’s Machines

Tholin’s Machines

Gehenna Way, Market Ward

Tholin (planar dwarf fighter [he/him] / Fated / LN) is quite friendly for a dwarf. He likes to talk to people and always has a nice bit of chant to share with his customers. Problem is, he smells. Badly. See, he never takes the trouble of changing clothes, or blowing his nose, or cleaning his nails or washing his beard… He’s far too busy for that, since, if he isn’t chatting with some of his customers (who turn their heads away from him to avoid the smell, but he doesn’t seem to notice that), he’s building his machines from designs made by Snuddervlb, the Clockwork Gnome (planar gnome artificer [he/him] / Fraternity of Order / LN).

One part of his shop’s mainly meant for members of the Transcendent Order (The Great Gymnasium’s only a few blocks away); all of his fitness machines are displayed there. The new types aren’t very expensive but have the habit of breaking down while being used, causing pain in the process, sometimes keeping them caught inside the machine for a few hours, sometimes boosting them a few feet up into the air.

The other part of his shop’s for torturing devices; thumb screws, iron maidens, and things unknown outside of Sigil (and the Lower Planes), that can hurt a basher in ways they’d never imagined. (Snuddervlb, the designer, has an excellent knowledge on demihuman anatomy and can therefore just as easily design a fitness machine as a torturing device.) This part of the shop’s of course frequented by fiends and members of the Mercykillers. Tholin just doesn’t seem to think a lot about the torturing that takes place with the help of his machines, or perhaps it just doesn’t bother him that much.

Source: Jean-Paul Keulen

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