Great Bazaar
Great Bazaar

Great Bazaar

The Great Bazaar

Location: Sigil / Market Ward

The Great Bazaar is the bustling market at the heart of Sigil, or as some like to call it, “the armpit of the multiverse.” Heh, it’s a wretched hive of scum and peculiarity, it is, but there’s no place better to find the odd and the bizarre. So you’re lookin’ for a roster of the peddlers and traders, eh? Or perhaps a guide to some of the weird and exotic nosh and bub that you can find in Sigil? Well it’s your lucky cycle, cutter because I’ve got both.

Some Stalls in the Great Bazaar

  • Field-of-the-Planes: A friendly loxadon Merkhant who travels the planes seeking out the most exotic produce for the discerning palates of his Cager customers. This cutter is a favourite of mine and I’ve got more chant to tell on him here.
  • Thargen Three-Arms: A githzerai Cipher who has swapped out one of his arms with a mechanical one. He sells enchanted doo-dads that enhance meditation. His tent smells like burning incense and has a layer of calm about it, but don’t let that fool ya—the trinkets cost a small fortune.
  • Asgarth’s Ales: A dwarf with a celestial bloodline, if you’d believe it, this stout-hearted cutter sells drinks brewed with water from Ysgard’s eternal springs. One swig, and you’ll either be brawling or philosophising for the next hour.
  • Serpent Scales Emporium: A yuan-ti pureblood named Ssindra offers “ethically sourced” scales and venom from various serpentine creatures. She says they’re good for protective charms, but watch out, her smiles are as slippery as her scales.
  • Quixote’s Questables: This cutter’s a human knight, decked out in shining armour and sellin’ “quests.” The quests are usually mundane jobs disguised as noble pursuits. I’ve heard he’s a sucker for chivalry, but don’t underestimate him. He’s a sharp one with his sword.
  • Mimir-on-the-Go: A mimir that’s been enchanted to float around sellin’ small interviews with notable planar travellers. Ah, like this one, eh? A bit self-referential but then again, we are in Sigil, the naval of the multiverse, and everything’s bound to fold into itself at some point.
  • Balderdash and Ballyhoo: Run by a couple of halflings, this shop’s a peddler of rumours and hearsay. Want to know where the best spiced beetle kebabs are? Or maybe the dark about the Lady of Pain’s ‘latest’ mood? This is the joint. Just remember, you’re payin’ for gossip, not gospel.
  • Archimedes’ Tomes: A scholarly owl-like creature from the Perchance Library in the Maelstrom sells spellbooks and scrolls. Very pompous, he is, but a basher can’t deny that his arcana’s top-notch.
  • Oberon’s Obelisks: A fey lord sellin’ small, portable obelisks that can sprout into faerie circles for quick transport. Now, ain’t that a nifty trick? ‘Course, you might end up in the Feywild if you’re not careful. Or worse, owing him a favour.
  • Afterlife Essentials: Run by a being that looks eerily like the death god of Ancient Egyptian mythology. He sells items that promise to ease one’s journey into the afterlife. “Preparation is key,” he’ll tell you with a somber glare. Gives me the willies, but worth the gander.
  • Mystic Melodies: A satyr from Arborea plays enchanting tunes that he captures in tiny glass bottles. Uncork the bottle and the tune will play whenever you want to hear it again.
  • Kraken’s Katch: A storm giant fishmonger offers sea creatures from the Elemental Plane of Water. Rumour has it, he’s actually an exiled noble, but good luck pryin’ the truth outta him. His crab cakes are the real deal, though, no screed, and the portions are enormous.
  • Rip Van Winkle’s Rest: Here’s an odd one—a merchant sellin’ “lost time.” You take a short nap in his enchanted hammock, and days pass in the outside world. Could be useful if you’re lookin’ to dodge someone, or just need a good kip.
  • Xanadu’s Exotics: Some berk sellin’ exotic pets from all corners of the multiverse. Lookin’ for a mini-Beholder or a pocket-sized phoenix? He’s got it—or will know where to get it. But remember, keeping a pet in Sigil’s more responsibility than owning a magical sword.
  • Grimoire Groceries: A lich—yeah, you heard me right—offers foodstuffs that come with minor curses. Want your enemy to taste ashes for a week? Buy ’em one of these ‘cursed cookies’. Just don’t snack on ’em yerself, eh?
  • Zeus’s Thunderbolts: A merchant claims to be slingin’ the actual thunderbolts used by Zeus. Could be true, could be a cutter just tellin’ barmy stories. Either way, it’s a place where you can buy lightning in a bottle, almost literally. And when you open the bottle, it shoots right out. Think of it like a one-shot wand of lightning bolts.
  • Sekolah’s Sushi: A sahuagin chef serves sushi made from exotic sea creatures. Mind the wasabi; it’s actually aboleth slime. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.
  • Feywild Forage: A gnome from the Feywild sells fruits that bestow weird boons—or curses—on those who eat ’em. One bite, and you might grow a pair of donkey ears or start glowin’ like a firefly.
  • Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Munchies: From Oerth, this wizard’s got a knack for snacks. Magical popcorn that pops in your mouth, self-heating pastries, you name it. Edible magic, ‘cept the prices ain’t no illusion.

  • Thorne & Petal: An elf from Alfheim sells expertly crafted wooden furniture, adorned with intricate, lifelike carvings of plants and animals. Expensive, but at least ya don’t have to worry about splinters.
  • Madam Loisel’s Finery: This human seamstress offers costumes and garments from various planes. Nothing magical, but let’s just say if ya want to dress like an aasimar without the divine spark, she’s yer gal.
  • Archery of Arvandor: Run by an elven archer who never misses, they sell bows, arrows, and quivers. You won’t find a tracking arrow or an arrow of slaying here, but you might find an arrow that sings as it flies.
  • Bessie’s Dairy Delight: A friendly milkmaid offers cheeses, yogurts, and butter. No magic cows, just good ol’ farm produce. A comfort for the souls who miss the simple joys of the prime worlds.
  • Sune’s Sweet Elixirs: A charming priestess of Sune sells love potions and sweet wines. Might make you fall head over heels, but then again, love’s a gamble, ain’t it?
  • Tiamat’s Hot and Spicy: A chromatic dragonborn offers foods that are fiery enough to warrant a saving throw. Claims it’s the favourite grub for evil dragons everywhere. Sweat at your own risk.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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