Timothy Murone
Timothy Murone

Timothy Murone

(Prime human (Anuirean) fighter [he/him] / LE)

Sigil’s got its share of primes. Many come to travel the planes seeking adventure in all the wrong places. Some get stranded without a clue. But most come with a goal in mind, even if it’s as simple as “kill all tanar’ri in existence.”

Timothy Murone of Brothendar has a job to do. He is the son of a powerful regent on the obscure prime world of Aebrynis, where godsblood flows in the veins of the royalty. This father of his, officially named Anthony Murone of Brothendar, is commonly known simply as “The Wraith.” Twisted by foul blood, the Wraith is a formidable fighter and cunning strategist. He seeks to overthrow an ally, but lacks the resources to do it. He also lacks the official control over much of the territory where his troops enforce the law, not owning the “birthright” of the land.

Timothy has come to find this ruler-by-blood. With the power of the land in his veins, the Wraith will be much more powerful. And the Planes hold infinite armies, some of which are for hire. Timothy seeks both. This ruler was stranded in Sigil when he was young. Now, Timothy’s agents have found the portal and deciphered its usage.

Timothy is a handsome man. His features are finely chiselled, and his hair flows like water. He wears clothing of incredible value, literally screaming his wealth. At his side is an exceptionally crafted sword, so sharp it can cut through wood like a hot knife through butter. His eyes are dark, as if seen through light shadows. Any cutpurse who tries to pick the rich noble’s pockets, however, is in for a shock. Timothy is a master swordsman, a fact he isn’t at all humble about. His sword’s keen edge makes him doubly deadly.

For all his charm and allure, Timothy is not a pleasant man. Spoiled rotten, he is obsessed with getting his way. The idea of opposition set his on edge, and its presence sends him over the edge. The fact that he possesses a variety of godsblood-given powers convinces him of his superiority. Those who oppose him are either cowed into submission by an aura of majesty or sent running in fear. Those who want to destroy him and have the ability to do so find his mind blank and his form changed to some innocuous person (small children and the elderly are among his favourites).

Timothy is no longer as clueless as most primes, having gleaned quite a bit about the planes and about Sigil’s factions over a short period. Having finished his basic education, he is out and about. The identity of the rogue ruler in question is unknown, as there are few primes from Aebrynis who stand out in Sigil. Timothy has been seen in the company of Baeneral Pikestaff, a priest and tax collector, and a group of modrons (The Rogue Unit), so it is clear he may be making some headway.

His search for armies for his father also goes well. He plans to send scouts to Acheron, where some of the rogue armies may be willing to sign on with someone more than capable of supplying them with food and equipment. Word has it Timothy has met with some clan chieftains from Ysgard, with no real results.

With all this work in Sigil and Outer Planar politics, however, Timothy is becoming fascinated by the multiverse beyond his prime world. Already he has attracted the attention of some of the factions, especially the Godsmen and the Fated. The Godsmen see Timothy as the intermediary step between Prime and Planar, a being part planar and part prime. Timothy’s possessive attitude makes his a natural for the Fated. The idea of powers from belief tempts the power-hungry prince, and he will likely make up his mind soon.

Those familiar with his attitude and aptitude are disturbed by what he might accomplish as a powerful member of either faction. He has drive, ambition, and resources. It seems the titan Zadara may have already noticed this; her minions have been seen courting Timothy recently, with their usual subtle tactics of jink-flashing and promises of even greater wealth should the cutter get on board. Shemeshka’s also said to have her beady little eyes on him, though to what ends nobody can guess. With such powerful friends, Timothy Murone would make a dangerous foe.

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