La Pax
La Pax

La Pax

Above the Guildhall Ward

Sigil is famous for fiends and celestials sitting down together for a drink, taking a day off from trying to kill each other off, right? Well, that’s really an exaggeration. Sure, it happens, but you’re still more likely to find an honest tiefling. But this image still captures the minds of many planewalkers. Perhaps that’s where La Pax came from.

La Pax is a tavern that floats above the grand buildings of the Guildhall Ward. Nobody knows just where it came from. Dabus have been seen on the outside of it making repairs, but where it came from and how long it’s been there nobody knows. Any canny Cager knows that looking up in Sigil is a sure sign to others of being a clueless, so many people in Sigil aren’t even aware of a floating tavern. And of course, it can’t even be reached by those who can’t fly or convince a flyer to give them a lift. No other way exists to get from the ground to La Pax.

La Pax has become the hot spot for fiends and celestials wishing to meet face to face. Why they do this is anybody’s guess; maybe they each hope to “convert” the other to their way of thinking. Maybe they are making a truce of sorts. Maybe it’s just curiosity, wanting to see the other side they are trying to kill. At any rate, the services provided here fit the clientele. Roasted larvae and honeyed ambrosia are both on the menu. Vernon One-eye (planar plumach [he/him] / N), a gruff rilmani, runs the place. Most suspect he works for someone else, but getting Vernon to talk about his personal life is harder than teaching calculus to a goristro. Ashok, his marut bodyguard, acts as bouncer.

In a place like this, one has to expect an occasional fight. Putting a planetar and a pit fiend in the same room is just asking for trouble. Fights do happen, but are not as common as a basher might expect. The reason for this is more mysterious. For some reason, La Pax taps into the null energy at the Spire. All spell-like abilities are cancelled here. While this puts all the planeborne at an equal disadvantage, it’s usually enough to keep them cautious. Even magical weapons become normal tools; folks are reduced to fighting tooth and nail here. Even then, all hits in combat automatically cause the least amount of damage possible for that attack type. This is obviously a place designed to force people to talk out their differences. Fights do often erupt outside La Pax, however. Rumour has it that the battle resulting in the Slags started out as a bar brawl in La Pax.

Source: Greg Jensen

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