Dair’s Mercenaries
Dair’s Mercenaries

Dair’s Mercenaries

Rue Bête, Clerks’ Ward

Dair’s Mercenaries is a mercenary sect based in Sigil’s Clerks’ Ward.* The building is a five storey mansion, but still fits with the other buildings of the Ward. It is large and spacious inside, while strictly basic outside; walls and windows and little more to shed light on the goings-on inside. Apparently, that’s the way Dair liked it.

The first floor contains many individual shrines to a very diverse group of deities such as Velsharoon, Kali, Loviatar, Sandra, Dairalantarial, and many more. There is also a receiving area, run by Snork (planar orc warrior [he/him] / Dair’s Mercenaries / NG). Snork is an orc, dressed in fine clothes, wears glasses, and looks like a simple scribe. Most berks are surprised when the see the basher take down anything that threatens him.

The second floor consists of special rooms for mercenaries that need somewhere to kip, a blue dragons’ lair (!), and an environment that mimics the elemental plane of Fire. The third floor is mainly rooms for the rest of the bashers in the mercenary group. The fourth floor is the treasure room, briefing room and catalogue room, this floor is run by a blood named Ch’charen (prime thri-kreen priest [she/her] / Dair’s Mercenaries / N). The fifth floor is a training area, devoted to teaching mercenaries (who get it for free) and others (who must pay 20 jinx per day) to learn new spells, weapons, and skills.

A portal in the mercenary guild leads to Avernus on Baator (I hear that the portal is the entrance to the catalogue room on the fourth floor, the key is a blood coin. On the Baator side, it is the entrance to one of the rooms in Bel’s Fortress).

Source: Gothenem

* NB: After the events in Faction war, the building is no longer owned by the mercenaries. Chant goes that Snork was banished to the mazes and the mercenaries now operate from the Outlands, with a small booth in the Great Bazaar run by Norkk (prime human shaman [he/him] / Dair’s Mercenaries / LN).

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