Golden Confessions
Golden Confessions

Golden Confessions

Tragin Street, Clerks’ Ward

Nestled snugly in the Clerks’ Ward, Golden Confessions is a large-sized, square building that is bare of any decoration or colour, a simple grey-brown structure that is a favourite among the common people of Sigil. You see, Golden Confessions is run by a variety of priests, ranging from worshippers of Zeus, to pilgrims of Savitri. These faithful take the confessions of each of their specific deity’s flock, hoping to ease the guilt that follows sin. Generally, most represented powers lean toward good, although a scattered few are neutral. All in all, more than 130 priests live and carry out their confessional duties here, with 47 powers represented. The two administrators, Lybella Swornground (planar human priest of Tar [she/her] / Guvner / LN) and Dain (prime half-elf priest of Lliira [he/him] / Sensate / CG), run the place with an open mind and hand, leaving the rest of the priests to their own schedules.

Unfortunately for the faithful who would like to visit here, Golden Confessions can be quite busy. Most confessions can range from 10 minutes to hours long. Thus, one might wait for hours before finding an open cell to their chosen deity.

As the priests here do not charge for their services, they receive most of their funds from charitable patrons, adventurers, and the people who visit. The priests live in simplicity, most rooms empty and bare, and often shared between two or three faithful.

Unfortunately, some of the more corrupt priests have taken to a good way to make jink: they sell the secrets they learn within the confessionals, or blackmail someone who has trusted something with them. Sevara Minakeep (planar human priest of Hermes [he/him] / Indep / CN), in particular, seems to have made a fine profit off of his schemes. Fact is, if a body needs information, Sevara seems to have it. ‘Course, this means that you don’t mind the way he gets it, and you’ll have to pay a hefty pile of jink…

Source: Joshua Simpson

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