The Mortuary
The Mortuary

The Mortuary

The Mortuary

Headquarters of the Heralds of Dust

Location: Sigil / Hive Ward

Greetings! Welcome to the Mortuary, Headquarters of our faction. To here come all the dead of Sigil for many portals leave this place to distant worlds where the dead are buried—most of the time.

Since we are the oldest existing faction in the Cage, we have extensive archives in our Vaults. Should you have need of information, we would be happy to help you.

Marketing & Services

Welcome to our marketing department, we perform many services for both members and non-members of the faction. Are you down on cash, low on jink? Could use a bit of gelt to help making end’s meet? 

Well, we can help you. We can give you a sum of jink in return for your body! No, not while you are still using it—even though you are already dead, despite what you may claim. You simply sign a form legalized by the Guvners and the Fated which acts as a release form for your body when you die, when it passes into our custody, to do with as we wish. 

Should you regret the deal later in life (death), you may pay back the sum plus an additional 150% for every two years that passed. The contract cannot be broken after 20 standard years. 

Due to demands on behalf of the other factions, including and especially the Sign of One and the Society of Sensation, we cannot provide this service to minors of under 17 years (human standard, for elves and other races please consult the Guvner’s HQ for the laws concerning minors of long-living races).

For those necromancers out there in need of cheap, undying labor, we offer the finest bodies in the Outlands for animating and experimental use. These bodies hail from consenting adults or numerous “John Does” found in the streets of Sigil and are legally of use. Remember that to do so you need a signed document from our faction, in addition to a legal permit from the Fated. Before purchasing, please consult the Guvner’s for the current laws governing the use of undead in Sigil.

Please note that there is a strict prohibition against the use of undead for illegal uses such as mercenaries, labourers in illegal industries or as curiosities in amusement parks and museums. Remember, the undead are to be respected. They used to be like you and me, except they achieved the perfect balance and purity. 

The factions of the Dustmen and the Fated reserve the right to cancel such permits at will and prohibit one from the use of undead.

Recently lost a relative? A friend? Here you can immortalise your dear ones in the Hall of Memory. Why don’t you have a plaque of stone, wood or metal with the names of your dear ones who have gone on to their next stage in death? We offer only the finest types of rock: marble, granite, obsidian. Expensive woods such as mahogany, oak or vallen (imported from Krynn) or more common ones such as pine.

We can make your plaque on order and have it ready within ten days, or, if you rather bringing your own, we will hang your plaque for all time for a small sum of jink. Gems are optional. The sum is doubled for every extra 100 years you want the plaque up.

For those high-up with jink, or anyone who has been a factol in one of the factions (free for former factols of factions who participate in the day-to-day running of Sigil) you can buy a tomb for yourself, or your dear ones, to keep their earthly body while they move on. We will entomb you in one of our towers or vaults in the Mortuary in Sigil (for your visiting convenience or, if you wish, in a tomb on one of the burial worlds on the other side of our portals.

Source: David “Draegarius” Alexander

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