Temperant Order
Temperant Order

Temperant Order

The Temperant Order

A Sect of Mount Celestia

Brother Benezet is the Sectol of the Temperant Order, also known as the Pure Water Army.

The Temperant Order, also called the Pure Water Army, are a Celestian sect that holds their convictions close to the heart. Their path is one of abstinence and moderation, a way of life that seeks to attain enlightenment through restraint and balance. At the core of their philosophy lies the belief that excess and indulgence are the very currents that lead mortals away from the purity of celestial ideals and towards sinful thought and deed. They see the material world as a tumultuous sea, where conflicting desires crash like waves against the shores of the soul, threatening to drown the spirit in a storm of selfishness.

The Temperant teach their followers to walk a different path, one where their stormy desires are calmed through self-control. They advocate for moderation in all things – from pleasures of the senses to the pursuit of power. It’s a way of living that finds its strength in embracing the simple joys of existence without succumbing to the raging torrents of gluttony or greed.

The symbol of the Temperant Order

The Sectol of the Temperant Order is Brother Benezet (human prime [he/him], LG priest of Hakiyah the Honest), a kindly but serious soul whose charisma is crucial in encouraging the flock to shun worldly luxuries and tithe much of their income towards the sect and its proselytising.

Their teachings extend beyond the personal, encompassing the communal and the cosmic. The Temperant believe that a society guided by moderation can create harmony and stability, as a tranquil lake reflects the sky above. They strive to inspire others to find their inner equilibrium, fostering a sense of contentment in simplicity.

In practice, the Pure Water Army follows rituals that emphasize purity and self-control. They engage in practices like fasting, meditation, avoidance of alcohol, drugs and magical potions, and practise acts of charity to remind themselves of the importance of balance. By living their philosophy, they become beacons of light, showing others that it’s possible to navigate the currents of desire without losing oneself to their depths.

Temperance Hall

The largest concentration of Temperant sect members can be found in the region of Lunia around Temperance Hall, their sect headquarters on the higher slopes of the layer. It is a large, beautiful but spartan, temple complex where sect members can come to meditate, cleanse their minds of temptations and confess.

As you can imagine, the factioneers of the Society of Sensation absolutely detest them! The Sensates claim that the Temperant are self-righteous, suppress their emotions, are isolationists and drain the passion from life. The Temperant agree, yes, but only if you’re doing it properly.

The Archons of Mount Celestia, those paragons of celestial virtue and order, view the Pure Water Army with a mixture of approval and cautious observation. Archons are all about upholding the ideals of goodness, purity, and harmony, and in many ways, the philosophy of abstinence and moderation aligns with their celestial goals.

On one hand, the Archons appreciate the Temperant’s commitment to self-control and balance. The notion of living a life that’s guided by moderation and free from the excesses that can lead to corruption resonates with the archonic values. The very essence of Lunia, with its radiant purity, echoes the concepts of the Temperant, making the sect’s teachings a natural complement to the plane’s overarching themes.

However, there is also a note of caution in their perspective. The archons are wary of any extreme that might inadvertently lead to rigidity or isolation. While moderation is a virtue, archonic philosophy also emphasises the importance of growth, spontaneity, and the vibrancy that comes from embracing the full spectrum of experiences. They encourage individuals to strive for greatness, to make positive change, and to fight against injustice.

The archons view the Temperant as a valuable addition to the celestial tapestry, a sect that reminds souls of the importance of self-discipline and mindful living. At the same time, they’d likely hope that the followers of the Pure Water Army find a way to maintain their balance without veering too far into the realm of excessive caution, missed opportunities, or religious extremism.

Source: mimir.net, inspired by Brian Mooney’s burg Temperance, now sadly lost to internet entropy.

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