Parlour Noxious
Parlour Noxious

Parlour Noxious

Needle Alley, Lower Ward

The Etchers, led by Hicest Corpus are a Doomguard coterie who fancy themselves as artists. Or, at least that’s how they prefer to think of themselves. Although only a few of them have any real talent, they’re all certainly self-centred enough to qualify. The members of the Etchers distance themselves from the rest of the faction both politically and physically. At the urging of their leader, a succubus who calls herself Hicest Corpus, all of these Sinkers have taken over a small tenement in the Lower Ward and turned it into a commune of sorts. The living quarters are on the upper levels, while the ground floor holds a studio – The Parlour Noxious – where they paint with acid and tattoo with poison onto a canvas of living flesh. Then they sit back and watch the world decay.

Painful though it may seem, entropic body art’s becoming all the rage in the cutthroat world of Sigil fashion, especially with the fiends, who’ll do anything for a bit of corruption. ‘Course, the fact that poison don’t affect them might have something to do with it – there’s been many a fatality amongst trendy young Sinkers who’ve asked for a toxic tattoo they just couldn’t survive with.

Still, if you’re a tiefling with a hardy constitution (and a sick imagination) or a veteran fiend from the Blood War with a few days leave and a pocket full of the shiny stuff, drop by the Parlour Noxious and let Hicest ask “What’s your poison, cutter?”

Source: Ken Lipka

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