Light’s Hold
Light’s Hold

Light’s Hold

Light’s Hold

Location: Mount Celestia / Lunia

Light’s Hold is a radiant citadel-temple perched high upon a bluff, a beacon of hope and healing on the shores of the Silver Sea. It’s a place where the virtuous and the ailing alike find solace and respite. It gleams like a pearl in the light of the early dawn, where the architecture exudes purity and serenity. Light’s Hold stands proudly, overlooking the Silver Sea, its walls adorned with symbols of faith and benevolence. It was constructed as a fortress of innocence, a sanctuary for those in need of healing and succor.

The temple is divided into four distinct quarters, each dedicated to a specific power of the Faerunian pantheon that tirelessly cares for its residents. Here’s a glimpse of what each quarter offers:

Lathander’s Grace – in this quarter, the followers of Lathander, the Morninglord, tend to the spiritual and physical well-being of the city’s denizens. Temples dedicated to the deity of dawn and renewal provide healing, guidance, and hope to all who seek it. While there is no sun on Lunia, the rays of the moons focus on this side of the temple, shining brilliant light through the windows that overlook the Silver Sea.

Ilmater’s Embrace – Ilmater’s quarter is a place of compassion and endurance. The faithful of Ilmater, the Crying God, offer succour to those suffering from pain, affliction, and despair. Here, the wounded find solace, and the burdened find strength to carry on.

Sune’s Radiance – In this quarter, the beauty and love of Sune, the goddess of beauty and passion, are celebrated. Temples and shrines dedicated to Sune nurture the hearts and souls of the city’s inhabitants. Love, art, and the pursuit of joy are cherished here.

Helm’s Vigil – Helm’s quarter stands as a bastion of protection and order. The followers of Helm, the Watcher, uphold the law and ensure the safety of Light’s Hold. They are vigilant guardians, ready to shield the city from any threat.

Visitors to Light’s Hold often arrive seeking treatment for ailments, diseases, poisons, curses, and the like. The city’s clergy, skilled in the arts of healing and divine magic, offer their services to all in need, regardless of faith or origin, although they expect generous donations to the upkeep of the temple. It’s a place where compassion transcends ethical boundaries, and the light of benevolence banishes the shadows of suffering.

More importantly, this temple complex is also the headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller, a sect of generous bashers who seek out those in need and bring them aid. Led by Brother Eldove, this sect strives to bring the Good Word of Mount Celestia to sods in less fortunate places. Sometimes their word is better received than other times – but their bread and wine is usually gulped down with gratitude.

So, remember that Light’s Hold is a haven of faith, compassion, and healing, where the four quarters symbolise the diverse aspects of goodness and well-being. It stands as a testament to the power of faith and the enduring belief that even the in dark times, the light of hope and compassion can prevail.

Source: Panjatog, expanded by Jon Winter-Holt

The citadel-temple of Light’s Hold hosts churches from four Faerunian powers

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