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Cant Dictionary

Fated factioneers, use the search feature to grab what you’re after quickly. If you’re a Guvner, try the filter logic (eg. Grammar IS verb or Source IS canon). Xaositects can mix everything up by sorting the columns. Or for you Sensates who prefer to experience all the words at once, you can do that too…

Catch a Skeg at this, Lemons! It ain’t flam, or send me to the Whistles!

If that don’t make sense to you, cutter, maybe you need my cant dictionary. Sure, any cony knows words like blood and dead-book, but if you thought that was all there was to the language of the planes, you’re an addle-cove for sure.

I’ve included some of the rhyming slang that native Cagers occasionally use. It’s particularly popular with Anarchists and Xaositects who’ve tumbled to the dark. More cant comes from the costers, or stall-holders in the Great Bazaar, for jink and goods. I’ve described some of this to help you when you’re out hunting for a bargain. There are a lot of terms used by thieves and other knights of the cross trade, you’d do well to learn these so you’re not peeled. And of course, I’ve added plenty of insults to brighten your day!

Anyway, I’ll leave you to it. I’ve even organised it all alphabetical for you and now its sortable and searchable too. Ain’t I the modron philanthropist? In return, I’d be much obliged if you’d drop me word of any cant you happen to catch a skeg of. Watch the Spire, bloods.

Sources: Jon Winter-Holt and many, many contributors… Alex Roberts, Phil Smith, Roland Swingler, Center of All, Ruin deKaye, Alec Fleschner, John, Ryan Carlyle, Pierre Dubois, Autumn Skye Port, Ian Watson, David “Draegarius” Alexander, Brannon Hollingsworth, Tom Bubul, Emannuel Reichert, John Kastronis, Juan Pablo Zariquiey, Joshua Jarvis, Leonid Zamdborg, Daniel Clarke, Sean Miner, Karl Anders Rostrup, Jason Lewis, Vivre Draco, Jason Lewis, Burke Drew, David Joslyn, Kylo Cedarsmoke, Lionspaw, Wraith, Karen Anderson, Pol Jackson, Obsidian, Monica Bower, Sean Curtin, Seth, Ando, Kristjan Wegert, Moorcoff, Bal the Bleaknik , Aaron Infante-Levy, Bart van Riet, Belarius, David Joslyn, ‘Los, Vladimir P. Filipovic, Wes Schneider, Cognitive Dissidents13, Nicky Noordzij, Matt Maybray, Heiner de Wendt, Toshi, Paradox, Willaim D, Chris Crowe, DerekBW, John T. Wright, Jim Gonidakis, Chris Nichols, Klat’Chak, Troy Thompson, Puck, Christopher Record, Ken Lipka, Mike, Rule of Three’s, Quinn, Dan Dobbins, Jarkman, Jim Butler, The Groke, Katclaw, Scott Kelley, Greg Jensen, Darkstar, Jestin Lightner, Dustin Dean, Schonne, Jeff Meyer, Jeremy Owen, Bob bob bob, Paul Wolfe, Ehren, Sebastian Cerutti, C. Walsh, Richard Gant, Arne Fivelstad, Raishe, Jeremiah Golden, Nick Ring, Mat Maybray, Destrain, Gristan, Barry Burch, John Hanson, Jangriman, Eschlon, Rister, Lurxst, Chris Ojeda, Yakomo, Brace Cormaerlis, Howard, Winter Deathman, Joel Gilbert, Beleg, Joe Sullivan, Imberline Kher’khirai, Mike King, Belarius, Brian Corvello, Chimerasame, Captain Howdy, Geann’a’lisch, Will the Red-Eyed. The cant dictionary was getting unwieldy, so I’ve been through and pruned it to remove terms that were too obscure, out-dated or didn’t pass the vibe check. Thanks to Rayn Alberty for prompting that exercise. I’ve also added filters so you can restrict the list to just the ‘official’ cant if you prefer. Thanks also to Kevin Holbeche for the suggestion to add grammatical labels for words too.


  1. Arc

    The old version of this page, with all the words listed at once and grouped by letter, was easier to navigate. What would have been cool there was a link to jump to each letter. Some of the new features here would be an improvement, but they’re hampered by how little you can see at a time and how you have to keep scrolling back up and back down to change pages.

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