Concordance of Abyssal Layers
Concordance of Abyssal Layers

Concordance of Abyssal Layers

The Concordance of Abyssal Layers

The Abyssal Mimir

You wanted to know the chant about the Plane of the Abyss? Fancy yourself a real blood do you, or are you just an addle-cove? I am the Mimir of the Nadir, a magical construct designed to provide information on all topics Abyssal.

Use the table below to search through my Concordance of Abyssal Layers. You can use the search box and filters to narrow down the data. For example, use the incantation ‘graz’ to see all the layers controlled by Graz’zt and/or use the filters to show only the interdicted layers. You incorrigible rebel, you!

A disclaimer: By utilising this information, you acknowledge the risks and that you absolve this mimir of responsibility for any untimely deaths (or worse) that may occur as a result of any misadventure.

See also: Overview of the AbyssThe Abyssal Index | Counting the Layers, a discussion of the layer numbering methodology of the Fraternity of Order.

Mimir, tell me about the layers of the Abyss…

Source: Data compiled and cleaned by Jon Winter-Holt, using information pooled from 1e-5e D&D canonical sources, third party references, fan generated content and original homebrew material.


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