Brix’s Guide to Sigil’s Weather
Brix’s Guide to Sigil’s Weather

Brix’s Guide to Sigil’s Weather

Storm in a Birdcage

If it doesn’t Rain, it Pours. And if it ain’t pouring, it’s sodding Misty.

And that’s about it, as far as Sigil’s Weather goes. Perhaps it’s just because I’m an earth mephit, but what is it with this ‘weather’ nonsense? Who wants to be blown around by a gale or dissolved by acidic rain? Give me a nice solid earthquake any day of the week. Or even a little rockslide. But powers above, enough of the rain already… Anyhap, after many weeks of charting the frankly miserable conditions I endured in the Sigil I have put together a catalogue of the monstrous weather I endured on your behalf dear listener, so you too may prepare yourself for the climate of the Cage.

Nobody knows if the perpetually grim weather is the Lady’s attempt to keep visitors away, or whether it’s always been like this on top of the Spire. According to some bloods, the chant goes that many centuries ago, the whole of the Outlands had weather just like Sigil’s, but it sort of disappeared from there and ended up in the Cage.

Sounds like a load of old cobblers, if you ask me.


Weather Conditions [Those entires marked * are fairly typical for Sigil: If in doubt, use one of these.]
2Hot, sunny, sultry even, fresh breezes. It’s a truly rare day when it’s this pleasant in the City of Doors, and most folk tend to make the best of it when it does happen.
3Rainbows split the skies; reflecting all around the city. Strange radiances! Ever seen a mobius strip rainbow, cutter? They sort of loop around on themselves so that they’ve only got one side. Sound bizarre? Better watch the skies then, ‘cos on a day like this you can see ’em wound through the centre of the Cage and out into the Void.
4Hog smog and ashes rain across the city, not just the Lower Ward. Could be that this happens when an airborne portal to Ash or Gehenna opens up. Then again, could be the bloody fumes that the Doomguard’s forge churns out, chokin’ up the air again.
5Clear day; the void looms across the ring; it’s unnerving to all but bloods. You’re bound to spot the Clueless on a day like this: They’re the ones who look green at the gills and keep on being sick. In fact, a planewalker’ll find that the streets tend to get cleared of primes pretty quick when the void starts looming!
6Distant thunder crashes and rumbles, but the storm’s missed the Cage this time. Since it’d take literally forever for a Outlander storm to climb the Spire and reach Sigil, it’s more likely that there are gates in the skies of the Cage that let in the angry weather. Some cutters say that the thunder which rattles the City of Doors is the sound of angry Powers trying to smash their way into Sigil.
7The air smells kind of Abyssal, and the taste of sulphur hangs thick in the air. It ain’t raining, but the mist and fog make it hard to see twenty feet. (Is that a porta…aaaal!)
8Grey, swirling skies, perhaps due to mist, perhaps a glimpse of the Ethereal Plane itself. Say, is that the face of the Lady up there in the clouds?
9 *Filthy smog, folk choking and gasping for air. The soot’s settling on your clothes…everyone’s as dirty as the Sinkers. Except the Sinkers, of course, who become even grubbier!
10 *Mist, drizzle or slight precipitation, hanging heavy, brooding like an angry baatezu.
11 *Chilly grey skies. It’s going to rain soon, if not today then tomorrow.
12 *Heavy drizzle, chilly and miserable. A normal day, in other words!
13 *Rain pelting down vertically, stinging the eyes and exposed flesh; the sort of weather you’d expect from a plane like Acheron, not in Sigil.
14The rain’s filthy brown, acidic, foul-smelling. Sure, that describes most days, but today it’s even worse than usual…the streets are swimming with the stuff.
15Another cold day, the rain’s horizontal and gritty. Seems someone’s rattled Zeus’ cage today, as the thunderbolts rumble from the Outlands and beyond.
16Storms crash across the Cage; chain lightning arching between tall spires. The tangy smell of ozone and hot metal billows round the Cage, and electric tingles charge cutters wearing steel armour.
17Terrible storm; is the sky falling down? Rain and hail bounce upwards! Razorvine is blasted from walls onto the streets (ouch!), and slates and turf are ripped from roofs.
18Soot storm; it’s raining cold black ash and gravel, tar and sulphur stench. Nice weather for fiends… cutters with sharp hearing can even hear the crash and clang of the Blood War itself on the wind.
19Wizard weather. Magical storm; the lightning’s an unnatural colour (green or purple, perhaps). Everything smells of chlorine, and the rain is more brine than water.
20Chill’s set in; it’s freezing. Ice in the streets; grey snow and brown sleet. Razor sharp icicles hang from every doorstep, reminding all that the Lady’s Blades are never far away.
[DM’s note: Select something suitable, or to satisfy your inner Xaositect, roll 1d8+1d12 to select random weather for the day]
Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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